Adar Alfandari shares captivating new single ‘Jessica’

A delightfully hot and heavy indie rock track featuring equally passionate vocals and instrumentals.
3 August 2022

By Vanessa B

Berlin-based, Israeli artist Adar Alfandari has been hard at work this past year cooking up some delectable indie rock tunes for us since the release of his acclaimed debut album “Gold Dust” in August 2021. 26-year-old Adar embarked on a solo European tour afterward and simultaneously started his recording for his second album. Jessica is the first single from this album and it’s certainly a flavoursome taster of what’s to come.

Jessica is a delightfully hot and heavy indie track that features equally strong and passionate vocals and instrumentals, with skilfully squeaky and whining guitar licks and decisively earnest lyricism. The conversational lyrics are constructed around a girl that once complimented Adar on his music. There’s humor with idiosyncratic cooking and Kosher-related imagery: “Hey there my paprika it’s time for cooking / I don’t mix cheese with meat but for you I’ll stuff it.” You can really hear the inspiration of influences like Arctic Monkeys and The Black Keys on the track in both melody and production. Adar is proving himself to be an artist to watch, with immense potential, and a distinctive and charismatic style that he seemingly inhabits with masterful ease. Be sure to check out the hypnotising music video for JESSICA yourself and connect with Adar via his social links.