Adam Cleaver has been honing his own unique blend of alternative-folk for a while now and its safe to say his latest EP ‘Man or Beast’ really portrays the journey he’s made – both in songwriting and his own life.

Opening title track ‘Man or Beast’ is a powerful introduction to the rest of the EP. Adam’s strong vocal carries the song along with his excellent backing band to create anthemic, beautiful harmonies and a full and compelling sound.

Tracks like ‘The First’ and ‘The Salt Mine’ start off slowly with a soft acoustic introduction that delicately swoops you into Adam’s world. Both songs build and build to culminate a stirring and emotional sound before retreating back to Adam’s tender tones.

‘At The End’ on the other hand, seems to introduce us to a slightly darker side to Cleaver’s sound with striking chord progressions and Adam’s haunting falsetto taking centre stage.

All in all, this EP is a brilliant example of Cleaver’s ability to create music both powerful, timid, innocent and striking. This guy is going places – no doubt about it.

‘Man or Beast’ is out on now via Veta Records.