ACKERMAN Share Rock Fuelled New Single WORK IN FINANCE

Having had to delay tours and an album because of COVID-19, New York rockers, Ackerman, were thrust into a new way of life. Their latest single, Work in Finance, is a beautiful blend of synth rock instrumentation and dreamy vocals that shows how much of the famous music scene in Brooklyn, New York has paved the way for the trio to grow as a band.  

The now bicoastal trio of Jordan McAfee-Hahn, Bernardo Ochoa, and Matti Dunietz are combining the guitar licks and clever production into this timely track that bemoans productivity and capitalism under its glossy production.  

The band explain “Now, more than ever, working musicians are faced with a seemingly insurmountable grind to make a living while gatherings are prohibited worldwide. Some of the first emotions that bubble from this challenge are anger, defeat, and apathy; these feelings are channeled through Work in Finance.