By JJ Disco

Irish multi-instrumentalist Abbacaxi (Thomas Garnett) shares hisTop 5 Influencers Playlist and presents lush 70s InfusedFunky-Disco-House gem More Than I Need. “I wrote this track because I was getting tired of the unpredictability of certain things in my life – explainsAbbacaxi – which had great value. Over time I started to feel that perhaps less is more. Maybe these things weren’t as important as I initially thought, and life could be just as good without them.”

Abbacaxi Top 5 Influencers Playlist

1. Roger Sanchez – The Deep

This track is full of feels and kind of sums up my early days of listening to house music. The production is really atmospheric and vibey, and the beat really pulls you in.

2. Al Green  – Tired of Being Alone

Al Green’s approach to singing is rather intense, and I love that! There are more beautiful voices in the world, but they don’t choose and express the notes the way he does.

3. Kaasi – Long Time Coming

Definitely my favorite producer, post-2000s. It’s hard to pick one track. There’s something very wide, warm, expansive, and emotional about Kaasi’s music.

4. St Germain – Thank You Mum

Vocals and bassline sound amazing in this classic. I love how St Germain takes his time here before dropping the beat.

5. D’Angelo – One Mo’ Gin

It’s hard to pick one D’Angelo song, but this one has many different elements that I like. His harmonies are on point as always, fluid and strange! There’s also a very old-school jazz songwriting approach, of playing the entire chord progressions of all the sections before the singing is introduced.


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