AA–Legrand and the mysterious direction in which our lives move forward

"Nothing will ever beat the sound of a guitar."
2 September 2022

By Frank Bell

AA–Legrand combines classic Indie-Folk influences with touches of electronic vibes, taking hints from James Blake and Novo Amor as well as Bon Iver. AA–Legrand (pronounced: “eɪ eɪ -læ̃grænd”) is the moniker of Berlin-based independent producer and songwriter Simeon Loth.

His music is filled with hushed vocals, open spaces & lush ambiences. After many years of performing around Berlin in the Indie-Folk scene, Simeon Loth turned to produce his own music in 2019. On exactly May 1st 2019 he began recording the final version of his second single – Shades of a Giant”– and everything slowly made sense and fall into place.

We got to chat with him about his convincing debut EP ‘Pacific’ and other stuff as well.

What does your artist name AA–Legrand mean?

It’s a motto for my music. A is the first letter of the Latin alphabet and it stands for beginnings. And Legrand symbolizes the big unknown; the mysterious direction in which our lives move forward.

After amassing a wide variety of experience in various bands spanning different folk genres (The New Madness and Samuel Breuer, Alice Rose, and Roemer to name a few), you turned increasingly to producing music yourself…in your bedroom with a 2012 MacBook, tell us more…

I started playing in that band back then and we soon got into writing music together and producing demos for our debut album. I had never really produced music until then and thought of it as too complex to get into. Learning that it was not as difficult as I had thought hooked me pretty soon and I started producing my own stuff with what I had available at that time. And that was an old crappy Macbook and some cheap mics. Basically, I only owned the computer. The rest was borrowed from friends.

In 2019, you recorded your second single, ‘Shade of a Giant’ – was it a turning point for you?

Yes indeed. I fiddled around with that song for a while. I think I have 5 versions of it on my hard drive; none of which I liked. But the version that made the EP I recorded on May 1st that year – which for some reason I still remember. The guitar track and the background vocals still stem from that day. It felt like I finally cracked some sort of musical formula. After that, it became a lot easier to record the other two songs. I chose to have only very limited elements with my guitar and voice. There are only quite a simple percussion, bass sounds and some rudimentary synth or piano parts.

Tell us everything about your EP ‘Pacific EP

Well, you should know it’s my debut EP. The name I chose because of the song Shade Of A Giant. The song is about a road trip on the American West Coast that I made a couple of years ago. In the song, I remember the gigantic trees in the coastal forests. Truly magnificent giants that really do something to you when you stand in front of them. And since this song and the recording also holds a special place for me I chose Pacific as a title. The lush sounds and guitar ambiences on this EP really capture this feeling well in my opinion. That’s also why we chose this song for a music video. I filmed a lot on this road trip driving through those forests. We then took that footage and projected it onto a video screen and had a dancer improvise and interacted with these projections.

What is your favourite sound in the world?

Nothing will ever beat the sound of a guitar.