a_shes drops vibrant synthpop track ‘glory days’

It unfolds as a heartfelt letter to his younger self, traversing the turbulent terrain of realizing one's evolution from the innocence of childhood
13 October 2023

Malaysian-Bornean artist a_shes makes a captivating return, unveiling his newest musical gem titled glory days. This ethereal alternative pop number delicately navigates the realms of melancholy and euphoria, offering a profound exploration into the fleeting essence of youth. Set against the melodic palette of synthpop, glory days paints a vivid picture of the transient nature of life’s vibrant moments.

Crafted with finesse, a_shes‘ vocals glide seamlessly over a tapestry of samples and rhythmic drum beats, culminating in an irresistible chorus that etches itself into the listener’s soul.

glory days unfolds as a heartfelt letter to his younger self, traversing the turbulent terrain of realizing one’s evolution from the innocence of childhood. The bridge, adorned with layered lines and synth pads reminiscent of luminaries like Lorde and Troye Sivan, elevates the emotional resonance to new heights. “Don’t know if I’m ready for this story to start, but I’ll keep all our dreams until death do we part,” he croons, encapsulating the essence of the track.

Currently navigating the vibrant music scene from his base between London and Cambridge in the UK, a_shes manages to weave a sonic tapestry that transports the audience back to the indie soundscape of the early 2010s. Drawing inspiration from the Tumblr-driven indie scene of yesteryears, his music carries an unmistakable aura of instant recognition, evoking waves of nostalgia. 

The track was the first penned for a_shes’ upcoming debut album. Reflecting on the creative process, he reveals: “I started tinkering with the production a while back, taking chords from songs I was listening to at the time and experimenting with the structure”.

Through a series of revisions, the theme solidified into a cinematic anthem, a testament to those grappling with the fear of bidding farewell to the familiar for the enigmatic.

The track is a fitting soundtrack for late-night introspection, contemplative drives in the rain, triumphs, or…moments of anxiety. As a_shes extends solace to his past self, the listener, too, finds tranquil reassurance in the unwritten chapters of their future. 


Photos: @borneanfish