The great comic actor Sir Norman Wisdom has died aged 95. He was best known for his slapstick film roles in the 1950s and 1960s. His family said he passed away at Abbotswood nursing home on the Isle of Man on Monday.
Legendary Charlie Chaplin described him as his favourite clown.

Here some of the many messages on his web site from his fans:

My Hero!! Gone but never forgotten.
An insperation on how to live life.
Be happy and make other happy with you.
He was Englands biggest star and legend and I will miss him.
Thank you Norman for inspiring me, god bless you.

Sir Norman and his family

What a star Norman was, its probably hard for youngsters today to understand what he meant to people of my generation who grew up just after the war and needed someone to lift us from the gloom of poverty, rationing and hardship. I hope God has kept a special place for him for all the selfless joy he brought into people lives.

Last night there were hundreds of comments on here, now they have been removed but I hope they will be reinstated.

I am one of those youngsters (not quite I’m nearly 30!) but I am so lucky to have been brought up watching all of Norman’s films For me, he was a comic genius who inspired many (lee evans..another of my comedy greats). My grandad also beared an amazing resemblence to him, in appearence and humour. I was sadden to hear of his passing this morning and shed a tear as I am sure the world be a little less funny now.
May God hold you close Norman, Rest in Peace

RIP Sir Norman – you kept me smiling through horrible times when I was a child – wishing you were my grandad.

It’s so sad to hear this news. You we’re such a funny and loveable man. I remember laughing my head off to all your films when I was younger and am sad that I never got to meet you.
R.I.P Sir Norman. You will never be forgotten. xxx

R.I.P Sir Norman …you were such a great part of my growing up…..you never heard a peep but for the laughter when you were on…..funny….laughing…and laughing is a great healer …so I know you healed many people, adults and children alike…..good night god bless XX

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