Golf has long been associated with rich business managers and celebrities. One of the reasons is that these managers, CEOs and famous folk have spent a lifetime working their way up to the top, and so by the time they can retire and enjoy time playing sport, they are not as fit as they were at a young age. This doesn’t matter in golf, which is a game of precision and skill rather than fitness.

The game calls for special golfing equipment such as golf trolley batteries from pure drive batteries, shoes, and carts etc. which regular players enjoy splashing out on.

There’s also the fact that golf courses are normally attached to exclusive clubs, the entry fee affordable only to the rich. Golf clubs are enjoyable places to spend time, socialising with like-minded people as you would in any private members’ club – another aspect of the game that appeals to rich, successful individuals.

Many keen golfers enjoy taking trips to luxurious golfing resorts around the world, too. America is particularly well-known as a golfing holiday destination, so we’ve compiled a list of the most popular US golfing resorts with British travellers.

Reunion Resort, Kissimmee, FloridaReunion Resort3This family friendly resort in Orlando boasts three golf courses designed by famous golf champions Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson. There’s also two prestigious golfing academies at the resort, one of which is run by golf legend Annika Sorenstam and yes – she does give private lessons.Reunion Resort4Reunion Resort1The resort is so popular with British tourists because it’s very close to Disney World and there is a kids’ club and a water park at the resort, so the whole family can enjoy the perfect holiday.

Pinehurst, North CarolinaPinehurst Resort1This resort has such an incredible history that it’s no wonder so many British golf enthusiasts make the trip across the Atlantic. The first gold championship was held at Pinehurst 1909 and it has since played host to many more, including three US Opens (most recently the men’s and women’s last year).Pinehurst Resort2There are eight courses to play on – the oldest was built in 1898 – as well as a beautiful 1930s club house, which has been officially named a National Historic Landmark.

Whistling Straits, Wisconsinwhistling-straits1More modern than Pinehurst, Whistling Straits has an impressive number of championships under its belt. The resort was the location of the PGA Championship in 2004 and 2010, US Senior Open in 2007 and has been named the site of the Ryder Cup in 2020.whistling-straits2As you can imagine, its four courses are world-class standard, which is why it’s so renowned among British golf tourists.

Although these resorts sound luxurious and golf has a reputation of being a game for the privileged, it’s a sport that can be enjoyed by all. There are great health benefits to the game, whether you play in America or at your local course.