A Complete Guide To Buying Bathroom Faucets

By Vanessa B

Every room of your house can display your aesthetic sense. Whether it is the interior or the faucets, they communicate a clear picture that your guests might not be aware of. If you want to imprint a positive everlasting impression, glam your bathroom up with timeless faucets. 

Taking into account the varieties, the models, and all the features of faucets makes this tricky, especially when you want to keep the integrity of your taste intact. We have summed it all up in this guide. Firstly, it’s important to be aware of what types of faucets are there in the market and what are the main things you must consider before buying any bathroom faucet. When you keep these things in mind, you can more easily choose the faucet that’s right for you and your budget. 

Here we go!

Bathroom Faucet Varieties

If you are going to choose a faucet for your new bathroom, you are free to pick any of the given varieties but if you are updating, you have to keep in mind the holes in the sink. Pick the new faucet following sink configuration. 

Single Handle Faucet

A single handle faucet sets in the basins with a single hole. If there are three holes in your previously fixed sink and you want to use a single handle faucet, you can use a deck plate to cover two extra holes. If you want to have newness in a single-handle faucet, you can install a touchless variety. In touchless faucets, sensors turn the flow of water on and off by sensing the hands. You can also adjust the temperature in these faucets.

Center-Set Faucet

A center-set faucet is much affordable and elegant than any other style. Especially, it goes best for smaller basins and vanities. If there are 4 holes on your sink top, a center-set faucet will go best. It comes with a spout and two handles set on a  metal base. But if you want a single handle, you can block extra holes with the deck plate and use it for a single handle faucet. 

Wall-Mounted Faucet

If you want to make your bathroom experience a spellbinding one, a wall-mounted bathroom faucet might be right for you. You just have to be aware that your sink must be a freestanding pedestal. You can get this faucet in one or two side handles for adjustment of water temperature. When you are going to select this, must check that the spout is long enough that water circulates easily without splashing on the floor. It’s a bit more costly too!

When you have selected your dream faucet type, don’t make the mistake of buying any without checking out these select top-rated bathroom faucets.

Things to Consider Before Buying Bathroom Faucets?

When you have to buy a new faucet for your bathroom, there are certain factors you must consider. If you make a purchase randomly, it may serve you a water flow source but ruin all your style efforts. Let’s learn about what you have to be conscious of to buy the best bathroom faucets.

Design and Outlook

The very first thing you must consider is the design and look of your bathroom. As you may have noticed if you’ve looked around recently, there are a lot of varieties on the market. The faucet you choose, however, should complement your styling. If you have designed your bathroom with a contemporary design, you should likewise choose a faucet with a modern design. You can easily find a range of modern and elegantly designed faucets with straight lines or curves that give a sleek appearance. 

If your bathroom has a classical touch, opt for a more traditional one. Most people think that such faucets will look old fashioned or out of style but this is not the case. Such faucets can serve as a focal point and give a characteristic look. It’s important that the style you select does not go against the interior décor of your washroom.


The finishing of the faucets is the most important thing as a roughly designed faucet will diminish its charm. The most popular faucets are of stainless steel or chrome finishing. They do not get corroded and shine like new forever.

Another fine and elegant finishing is ‘oil rubbed’ bronze. If you want to add elegant style to your bathroom, we have to mention it at the top of the list. Other long-lasting finishing of faucets come in nickel, gold plate, and PVD.  

Water Savings – Top Priority

When you want to buy a faucet, a water-saving feature should ideally also be a specialty. A water-saving device called a faucet aerator is found in the faucet’s head and mixes air into the water without lowering the flow. This water-saving specification will not only reduce your bills but also increase the shelf life of the faucet.