veryonedoesitVaporizers have been a hit lately, and for many reasons but in particular, we are going to have a close look at the year’s best box e-vape mods. From 20 to 150 watts, we’ll help you decide what option is best for your needs.

The Beginner’s Selection

When you’re a beginner, you don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles. Instead, we recommend you get the Joyetech E-Grip OLED because it’s an all-in-one model at an extremely affordable price. You won’t need to buy a separate atomizer or figure out what that is. Joyetech EGrip OLEDThis kit comes with everything you need and cam hold up to 3.6 mL of e-juice. With 1.5-ohm coils, the 1500mAh battery will give you plenty of life as you get to know your new best friend.

Best in Class: 50 Watts

The Vaporfi Vox 2 is perfect if you want a nice ohm range of 0.2 to 3.0 along with an included 18650 battery. Unlike many vaporizers, this vape comes with a 6-month warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee, which is perfect if you’re a little unsure about trying something new. However, this model is definitely a bit pricey, so if you want a more affordable option with excellent versatility, try the Innokin Disrupter instead. Innokin DisrupterIf you opt for this vape, spring for the extra battery so you won’t have to wait between charges.

Best in Class: 50–100 Watts

The MVP3 3.0 Pro is Innokin’s newer version of the popular MVP3 and it boasts compelling improvements. The company has upgraded the wattage to accommodate low resistance builds and they’ve added an impressive 45000mAh battery. MVP3 3If you’re looking for a sleeker model in this wattage range, consider the attractive IPV 2 Mini, which comes with an 18650 battery and minimum resistance of 0.2 ohm.

Best in Class: 100–150 Watts

Being able to get what you want while having money left for accessories is quite a feeling and that’s just what you’ll get with the Eleaf iStick 100W. Eleaf iStick 100WThe kit comes with two 18650 batteries so you don’t have to wait to vape during a charge. Plus, the resistance range starts at 0.15 ohms. If you want even more resistance control, consider the Sigelei 150W. It’s more expensive, but you can start at a resistance of 0.1 ohm and the mod has duel 18650 batteries.

Temperature Control on a Budget

What can the Apollo Reliant 60W TC do for you? It can work well with stainless steel, Ni200 and titanium wire while it is in temperature mode. Its resistance goes as low as 0.06 ohm and it can reach up to 60W. Apollo Reliant 60W TCWith a clear screen, 18650 battery and mech mode, this affordable mod packs plenty of punch. The IPV4S also works well with Ni200 and 5-100J titanium builds. Resistance can reach as low as 0.12 ohm
and the temperature ranges from 212 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 to 300 degrees Celsius.

The High End of Temperature Control

The Lavabox DNA 200 is a market newcomer and it’s one of the more affordable DNA300 vape mods available. It’s on the small side, but it features an excellent resistance range starting at 0.05 ohm and a Lavabox DNA 200900mAh 3 Cell Lipo battery. If you’re looking for the best mod money can buy or you are in love with the Yihi chipset, the SXmini M Class 60W is for you. SXmini M Class 60WIt’s certainly pricy, but it features four output modes and a temperature range of 200 to 580 degrees Fahrenheit or 93 to 304 degrees Celsius.

As you shop for your perfect vape, be sure to look at what the kit includes as well as any accessory deals. Have fun experimenting with different modes and treat yourself to the best of 2016’s vapes.

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