A book for dangerous boys who’ve grown up – now it’s the turn of the real man!

These days, there’s more to being a man than displaying a talent for drinking beer and knowing your elbow from your Arsenal. Modern men are expected to be able to fix anything, cook like Gordon Ramsay and instinctively understand women, in addition to having style and charisma…

Into this maelstrom of expectation and pressure comes a new book by Infinite Ideas: The Manly Man Manual – the must-have blokes’ guide to making the most of life and getting what you want, whilst still being a manly sort of man.

With insider advice from more than 25 expert authors, The Manly Man Manual contains all the inspiration men need to be smarter, sexier, more charismatic and endlessly amusing, with the world as your oyster (or at least your playground)!

Inside The Manly Man Manual you’ll discover:
• Quizzes to reveal how manly you really are, and where you need to improve;
• Tips for looking better and feeling fitter;
• Ways to get ahead at work and at play;
• Sneaky secrets that will help you get away with all sorts of bad behaviour;
• Clever ideas for seducing the woman of your dreams, the manly way.

Back in the days when men were men, and women loved it, you needed a chest rug, a medallion and a Ford Cortina. In 2007 all you need is The Manly Man Manual.

Top tips to become the most Manly Man
Below are some practical ideas and solutions to help you on your way
How to succeed…. at work
Abolish your job
This may seem a risky process, but many jobs exist because they have always done so, rather than because they represent the best way of getting things done successfully. If you go into a new job and do it the best way for your organisation, you’ll probably find yourself going way outside the original job description, getting better results. So delegate as much of the job as you can in your new way of working – when you explain what’s happened to your boss, he’ll realise that they need to change the structure of their operation, that tasks are handled much more efficiently and that they no longer need you in your old role. Time to move onwards and upwards!

And create a new one –
The corollary of abolishing your job, namely inventing a new one, also holds true. People who succeed are the ones who help the organisation keep up to date and help to prevent it ossifying. First describe the new way of doing business that will ensure that the job of your dreams is going to exist. Then sell the idea – showing what your new plan will do in business terms rather than in structural or people terms. Having sold the change, produce your implementation plan and, of course, include the new positions required. Next, it’s time to go for it by clearly showing that you are the person for the promoted role you’ve chosen and defined. Make sure, by the way, that the new job description has all the elements needed for your next step – access to senior management and a high profile when required. The risk and return on getting away with this career procedure will be very good if you’ve got it right. After all, you’ve moulded a job where the circumstances and your skills will be a perfect fit!

…with women
Bloomin’ marvellous –
want your love life to blossom? Say it with flowers. If you’ve left it too late and all you can find is a wilted bunch at the twenty-four-hour shop, shame on you….but all is not lost: take everything out of the wrapper and remove any ties. Pick out all the droopers and bin them. Cut off any brown or gunky bits from the remaining flowers. Now put them in a bucket of fizzy mineral water, empty your fridge and shove the bucket in for half an hour. If you’ve time, see if you can do a hand-tied bouquet; otherwise, just rewrap. By the time you hand it to your beloved, it should look stunning!

“If I said you had a beautiful body”. Chat up dos and don’ts – Try to avoid lines that ask for yes or no replies. There’s a line of thought that says that the most important thing is to open the conversation and then you have the chance to show off your glittering wit/compassion/stinking richness. Oddly enough something like ‘what’s your favourite pizza topping’ works because it’s not offensive, usually gets a reply and gives a starting point to find out about shared tastes.

…at looking good
The problem with having choice is that it can give guys the opportunity to make the wrong choices. The list of male fashion faux pas is long, but most of the worst offences are simple enough to avoid.
Problem one: wearing too many colours or the wrong combination of colours. More than three colours at once is always wrong. The colours you combine should be complementary – they should produce grey if you mix them, or should be closely matched to each other. But, you have to wear a colour that’s right for you in the first place. Strong primary colours make pale skin look ‘washed out’. If you have dark colouring, you’re much better suited to strong reds and purples.

Problem two: wearing too many patterns. Mixing stripes and spots and checks makes you hard to look at. By all means wear a striped tie with a striped shirt – but not with a pinstriped suit as well. Buy solid coloured suits in neutral colours. You can look interesting by investing in good quality brightly-coloured shirts and ties.

Problem three: wear the clothes like they are meant to be worn. That means washing them when they are dirty, repairing rips, removing stains and ironing them. Trousers have belt loops, so always wear the same colour as your shoes. Don’t do up all the buttons on your suit jacket: if it has only two, only do up the top one. If it has three, do up the middle one, and in extreme circumstances, maybe the top one, but never the bottom one. Never put your hands in your jacket pockets and don’t pack your pockets with useless junk that makes you look like a bag of nuts.

The Manly Man Manual is available from October 2007 at all major book shops and retails at RRP £14.99. ISBN: 978-1-905940-32-5. All titles from Infinite Ideas are available online from www.infideas.com