9 Effects Of Making Feeling Good A Priority

According to numerous studies, happier people are healthier, less stressed, live longer, have more close friends, are more likely to be in a loving relationship, are more generous and helpful, are luckier, more successful, and have a higher chance of increasing their income, and of course, have a lot more fun. 
30 July 2021

By Vanessa B

According to numerous studies, happier people are healthier, less stressed, live longer, have more close friends, are more likely to be in a loving relationship, are more generous and helpful, are luckier, more successful, and have a higher chance of increasing their income, and of course, have a lot more fun. 

As if these weren’t enough reasons to make happiness a priority, in doing so you’ll soon have something that will have even more of an impact on your life; you will ultimately change the life of others for the better. Like attracts like, and when you learn to change how you feel, the world naturally changes around you.

So with that in mind, what are the main ways your life can change when you practice the Art of Feeling Good? Read on to find out more about how feeling good can change your life. 


When you feel good, your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical wellbeing increases. This means you will be healthier (and of course, happier) in general, which means you are less likely to become stressed and anxious or even experience periods of depression. This is because the hormones in your body are well-balanced when you feel good, with just the right amounts of each one to produce the perfect combination. 

If you are feeling unwell, no matter what the reason, and you can’t shake it, you should always see a healthcare professional for advice. They can help you find the best solution from therapy to CBD oil from Simply CBD so that you can start to feel better again and enjoy your life once more. One of the ways to determine that you are suffering from depression, for example, is when something that used to be fun no longer is, so it is important to bear this in mind. 

Less Stress

We’ve mentioned stress above, but it’s such an essential point that it needs its own explanation. A reduced stress level is one of the reasons why cheerful people who allow themselves to feel good live longer and are healthier. There is a clear link between stress and disease, as well as vice versa. When we are stressed, our cortisol levels rise, which is usually followed by muscular weakness, increased blood pressure, and mood changes. Optimistic and joyful emotions, on the other hand, change our chemical composition, lowering these levels. Because feeling good is the exact opposite of stress, it is impossible to experience both at the same time.

 Not only that, but studies have been conducted to show that feeling good and being happy is an essential component of living a longer life. We can live long and healthy lives as happy people if we exercise regularly, eat healthily, reduce stress, discover creative outlets, and nurture good relationships.


If you are feeling good because you are happy and healthy, your self-confidence levels will rise. Not only will this have an effect on what you are capable of at work or at home, making you a lot more productive and efficient, and encouraging you to try new things, but it will also make you look good too. If you are feeling confident about yourself, this will shine through, and you will feel (and be) much more attractive. It is a ‘win-win’ situation that anyone can achieve. 

 When you have more self-confidence, you will be able to do things that you didn’t think you could in the past. You might go to your boss to ask for a raise or a promotion (or both!). Perhaps you’ll decide now is the time to start your own business or take up a new hobby even if you have no experience in that particular art or sport. It will make your life a lot more exciting and will show you all kinds of new things. You will meet people you would never otherwise have met, and your horizons will be broadened hugely. 

More Energy 

When you feel bad, you tend to huddle up in one place, perhaps in bed or on the couch. You don’t want to move much. Maybe you’ll watch TV, but perhaps you won’t do anything at all. Think of the difference when you are feeling good – you’re much more willing to move around, to go outdoors, to do new things, or even simply stick with your regular routine. This is because you have a lot more energy when you are feeling good; you feel almost invincible, and as though no matter what life throws at you, you can take it on that day. In turn, this positive mindset does allow you to achieve more, both mentally and physically. 

 You can do a lot when you have energy. You can, of course, do everything that is required of you, but this is also the perfect time to do more. This can help you move forward in life in all kinds of ways, and it will ensure that you make the most of every day. 

 If you feel bad, try to create some energy by going outside for a walk and breathing in the fresh air, or simply by moving around your home if you feel genuinely unwell. These simple things can be enough to help you feel happier and healthier, to find your motivation, and to feel good once more. 


When you are feeling really good, you will take better care of yourself. You will notice more when you look in the mirror, for example, and you will remember to do little things like fix your hair or put on a smile when you leave the house. You will also be more minded to stay away from anything that doesn’t make you happy, thus ensuring that your good mood lasts for as long as possible. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore your responsibilities, but if you can give yourself something to look forward to so that you can keep that good feeling even when you are doing something you don’t like, you will get those chores done much more quickly and successfully. 

 When you feel good, you are in a better position to say no to the things that are asked of you that won’t help you keep that good feeling. If you have a choice and you can say no and walk away, you will feel so much happier for it. 

Help Others 

If you are feeling good, you can help others to feel good, and in turn, they will go on to help even more people to feel good. This can go on indefinitely, and the ripple effect that your good mood has caused is immeasurable. What is really wonderful about this is that when you make other people feel good, you will feel good, so your great mood never has to end if you can keep helping other people. 

 The better you are feeling about yourself and your life, the better position you are in to help others. This can make all the difference not just to their life but to yours as well. You might volunteer at a charity, or help out at a school. It could be that you pick up litter or do something even smaller such as smile at everyone you meet in the street. Anything that makes someone else feel good is worth doing, as long as it is not to your own detriment. 

More Successful 

We all believe that success makes us happy, yet this is incorrect. Instead, being joyful and feeling good makes us more successful in all aspects of life. Happy people have a greater chance of acing job interviews and therefore obtaining better jobs. Happy people are more favorably appraised by their superiors and demonstrate better productivity and performance. The same may be said about becoming a better manager of others.

Furthermore, pleasure increases our productivity while increasing our problem-solving abilities. Employees who are feeling good at work are less prone to exhibit work burnout and disruptive conduct.

Better Relationships 

Another important part of life is maintaining old and new connections, which can range from friendships to romantic engagements. Relationships have been shown to be the most essential element in the survival of the human race.

 People that are happy and feel good have more social support, more friends, and are usually happier with group activities and connections. This is particularly true in the case of romantic relationships. In marriages and long-term partnerships, there is a significant connection between happiness and fulfillment. Those that are happier are likely to be more satisfied with their spouse. Happiness drives a successful marriage, just as it does excellent connections with our friends and family members, and the benefits can be spectacular. 

More Creativity 

People who are joyful are more creative, in addition to being more productive in life. Positivity and openness to new experiences and ideas are linked. This is because when our overall mood improves, we can better develop and imagine innovative solutions to a wide range of issues.

This contradicts the notion of the ‘tortured artist’, which holds that the creative community, which has greater rates of depression and other mental disorders, is usually miserable, which feeds creativity. There is minimal evidence of a link between the two, although there is evidence that happiness improves creativity.