8 Convenient Reasons to Hire Managed Print Services

Roughly 300 million tons of paper get used every year and much of that paper comes out of printers sitting in business settings.Does your office print regularly? Does the process of printing sometimes cause headaches and do you believe there's an opportunity to make your print workflow faster, more efficient, and sustainable?
1st January 2021

By Vanessa B

Roughly 300 million tons of paper get used every year and much of that paper comes out of printers sitting in business settings.

Does your office print regularly? Does the process of printing sometimes cause headaches and do you believe there’s an opportunity to make your print workflow faster, more efficient, and sustainable?

If you do, we’re here to tell you that you can reach those printer aspirations more immediately by bringing on managed print services.

Managed print services make for an outstanding means of outsourcing all of your printing headaches so your team can focus more on document creation, not the logistics around getting papers out of a printer.

To learn more about what managed printing services can do for your business printing, keep reading to take in 8 key advantages.

1. Less Overhead

There’s a lot of overhead that goes into building out an office space. You have desks, computers, cubicles, and oh yeah – printers! When you look at the cost of commercial printers, you’re staring down thousands of dollars.

And that cost just scratches the surface!

Have you weighed the cost of having printer repair services come in once or twice a year to fix issues? Believe us when we say that those costs are not always kind.

By using managed printing services, you can outsource your print jobs to a local company that will own the printers your documents come out of and the cost of maintaining them.

2. Fewer Calls to Technicians

Technician costs can eventually dwarf the initial price you pay for your commercial printers. When you work with managed printing services, those costs are a thing of the past.

It is your managed printing services’ obligation to keep their printers up and running. What that means for you is that you’ll never lose sleep over whether or not your machine is going to die out on you and you’ll never waste time haggling with third-party techs.

That in itself is worth the cost of buying into a managed print services provider.

3. Lower Office Liability

Keeping large, expensive machines on your office floor increases your office’s liability exposure. What if there was a fire? What if a thief broke into your office to steal your equipment.

Fortunately, insurance covers these events but the more liability your office features, the more expensive your insurance will be.

Therein lies another bit of value of having your managed print services provider tackle your print jobs offsite. By keeping pricey equipment out of your office, you can keep your insurance rates low.

4. Keeping Printers On-Site Is an Option

If you’re reading this and thinking you need immediate access to your printed documents and consequently, having print jobs occur offsite wouldn’t be an option for you, you can still use managed print services.

Most managed print services have printer leasing programs where, as part of the cost of working with them, they’ll leave their machines in your office. That way, you can get access to your prints on-demand and if anything goes wrong with the machine, you can call your print service and they’ll come down and fix it as part of your arrangement, no additional expenses required.

5. You Free Up Your IT Team

IT teams are great at solving computer issues. They’re not so great at solving printer’s mechanical problems which is what is going on the vast majority of the time a printer malfunctions.

Your IT team will love you if you can move your printer issues to specialists like Thermal Managed Print Services and free them up to work on problems they’ve been trained to effectively manage.

6. No More Supply Runs

Printers you get from a managed print service provider do not need to be filled with supplies by you. That’s true of ink and in some cases, even paper!

If you’re printing jobs off-site, you can be sure the printer service company you’re working with will have their printers stocked with everything that’s needed to execute your job. If you’re leasing printers that are sitting in your office, anytime you’re running low on supplies, your print service provider will drop off more so you’re never left making a last-minute run to Staples.

7. Easily Tackle Unconventional Jobs

Not every print job is an 8.5×11 sheet of paper. For those tricky jobs that need special types of machines to execute, your managed print services provider is going to be invaluable.

Managed print services tend to have a wide array of printer types at their disposal. That makes it simple to request a tricky job and for them to use their resources and expertise to execute what you need, beautifully.

8. Sustainability Programs

Many print companies have accompanying sustainability programs that make it easy to reduce your company’s footprint. For example, your print company may leave a secured trash bin at your office that your team can dump your old print jobs in.

This bin will then be collected by your print company, shredded for security purposes, and then taken to a proper facility to have your paper recycled.

Managed Print Services Make Your Company Run Better

We’re seeing more businesses than ever hop on the managed print services bandwagon. The simple reason why is that print services make companies run better.

So, if you’d like to save money on printer toner, lower your equipment investments, or help your office budget in any number of other ways, look into managed printing. You won’t regret it!


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