7 party hair ideas for the festive period

This festive season, do something a little bit extra with your hair to really get into the party spirit. Here we have 10 amazing party hairstyles for you to try out – ready for all those Instagram snaps and dance floor videos with friends.

1. The long and luscious

If you have trouble growing your hair and want to add some instant length grab some clip in extensions and add these to your locks. They are so easy to take in and out to instantly change your look and you can even choose a bright colour for a fun twist – like a pretty pink – or pick up some featuring diamantes to add some sparkle.

2. The chic chignon

Chignons are surprisingly easy to do and look super sophisticated for that black tie do. These impressive buns sit low on your head and are simply a knot or coil of hair fastened with plenty of hair grips and hairspray. Follow this simple tutorial on how to achieve this hairstyle and perhaps add a festive hair clip or headband to finish the look.

3. The glitter root

Glitter roots aren’t just for festivals, they’re also great for festive parties where shimmer and sparkle is definitely allowed. Take some hair gel, apply a light layer in your roots and then sprinkle some glitter in festive colours – silver, gold, red and green – to give your Christmas party look an easy jazz up.

4. The half up, half down braid

Simply take two thick strands of hair from either side of the front of your face, plait these then pin them back at the crown of your hair with secure grips. You can add something pretty like tinsel or a bow to finish the look and hide the grips. Leave the rest of your hair loose and lightly tousled for a fun festive look.

5. The Hollywood waves

Christmas is all about fun with a little excess thrown in and this style may require a lot of styling with a curling iron but will be worth it.

Create some true Old Hollywood starlet waves simply by curling hair into tight ringlet curls then gently brushing these out to create tumbling waves. Secure with hairspray and perhaps pin your hair to the side with a grip for that old school, Hollywood red carpet look.

6. The high pony

Ponytails can work for any occasion and a sleek, shiny ponytail is perfect for your Christmas parties. It keeps your hair out of your face – so you stay cool on the dance floor – and you can dress it up with a festive scrunchie or decoration if you like. Use plenty of hairspray or a little gel when scraping hair back to achieve a neat, sophisticated look and leave the ponytail straight or loosely curled.

7. The night before waves

Tight waves are a great look for a Christmas party and you don’t need to do anything on the day! Simply wash your hair and towel dry it, rub in some Argan oil or hair serum to keep frizz to a minimum then pull your hair into two sections on each side of your head. Braid this straight down into two pigtails and secure in place. The tighter the braids the stronger the wave. Go to bed then unravel the braids in the morning to reveal your heatless waves!

Don’t brush your hair, simply use your fingers to separate the braids and let hair loose. Ready to rock this festive period with party ready hair? Try out one of these styles and steal the spotlight all night.