7 Ideas For Starting A Business From Home


This year has given the majority of people lots of time to think about their careers and where they see themselves in the future.

Job insecurities due to the Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated these thoughts and lots of people have considered starting a business from home. Whether that be a hobby to help keep their brains stimulated and help their mental health or to provide an income that they can live off, there are hundreds of options and possibilities for starting a business from home.

Homemade gifts

Turning a hobby into a business is probably one of the simplest ways to start a business from home. Some products that prove to be popular all year long include candles, knitted clothing, jewellery, wooden toys and confectionery. Depending on how much time and effort can be spared on a homemade gift business, an eCommerce website can be set up or smaller shop fronts can be set up on social media and sites such as Etsy.

Upcycling furniture

Similar to homemade gifts, starting an upcycling business often starts out as a hobby which can easily become a lucrative business that can be done from home. Charity shops and secondhand shops are excellent places to find budget furniture that can be spruced up with furniture paints, decoupage and modern accessories that can be sold on for a profit.


Freelancing gives people the freedom to decide their own hours and terms while doing a job that is more traditionally done from an office or as an employee. Some freelancing options include copywriting, graphic design, website development, SEO and consulting.


There are requirements needed in order to become a childminder including registering with Ofsted and having first aid training, but it can be a very rewarding business venture and fit in with existing family or children commitments.


Again, as with childminding, grooming will need some form of insurance that offers specific cover for pets. However, it’s a great business that ca be done from home and offers variety which can fit around other plans and commitments.


A relatively new way of making money from home, competing for money on games consoles is becoming increasingly popular. Trending games such as Fortnite host esports competitions with prize pools of up to $4,000,000.

Virtual Personal Assistant

PAs are needed as a physical presence in the office less and less with the improvement in communication technology and most things being booked online and organised virtually. The current climate offers a great opportunity to start a PA business from home with more structured hours for those who would benefit from a more traditional 9-5 style job.

This is just a small number of potential businesses and with careful planning and the right setup, anyone can start a business venture from home.