7 Advantages of Low Pressure Tyres Compared to Normal Tyres

Low pressure tyres can carry increased loads which is very useful for drivers who vary between carrying heavy loads and driving without that extra weight.
17th November 2023

Modern tyres are largely designed to work best at their optimal inflation range, but some tyre’s optimal range is noticeably lower than others. This means that you get all the advantages of a beautifully engineered tyre operating at its best combined with the advantages of lower pressure tyres. Let’s have a look at what these are: then anyone needing a new set of tyres, can simply book tyres in Stevenage with our trusted local garage; Eco Tyre Services.

Increased Loads

Low pressure tyres can carry increased loads which is very useful for drivers who vary between carrying heavy loads and driving without that extra weight. Instead of putting regulars tyres under repeated strain – which can cause them to wear out more quickly than is ideal – the low-pressure tyres work well under both weight conditions, easily expanding under the excess weight or good-temperedly operating under ‘normal’ conditions.

No Terrain Damage 

Another advantage of low pressure tyres is to the environment when one is off-roading. The tyres, being soft and flexible – indeed, many low pressure tyres have the word ‘flex’ or ‘flexible’ in their marketing information – mould themselves to the terrain rather than crushing over it or carving through it. This lack of damage is very important in delicate ecosystems where topsoil, for example, is easily lost if the layer of vegetation is damaged.

Better Grip

Old-school drivers have long known that ‘softer’ or less inflated tyres offer a better grip on slippery or poor roads, but the advent of better technology has meant that tyres now perform better at the recommended inflation levels, so deliberately driving with lower inflation is frowned upon usually. Low pressure tyres have this advantage built into them, so drivers get the best of both worlds.

No Adjustments Needed 

If you are a keen off-roader and don’t fancy changing between sets of tyres between using road surfaces and heading off-road, low pressure tyres could be the solution. These tyres work perfectly well on road surfaces and readily adapt to bumpy and untreated off-road surfaces too.

Fuel Saving

Low pressure tyres can offer greater fuel efficiency in difficult conditions than regular, high pressure tyres. This, once again, comes down to the greater flexibility to be found in low pressure tyres: they work well on the slippery or bumpy road while not using excess fuel in the way that deliberately underinflated tyres would.


And it is this same extra flexibility that makes low pressure tyres a safe alternative in difficult road conditions such as storms, small floods and high winds – although, of course, always opt for leaving your journey until the weather is better if you possibly can, and do drive as carefully as you can if you must drive in poor weather.

Greater Comfort 

Finally, low pressure tyres are designed in such a way that they offer a more comfortable ride to the driver, no matter if you are on-road, off-road, or even driving a tractor in a field – a notoriously bumpy pastime! If you ‘feel your back’ after every drive, consider low pressure tyres for a more cushioned drive.

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