Fresh from the May release, 4Yrs, 69th Rose is back with a diverse blend of R&B in the shape of Summa’s Interlude.

The self-taught singer/songwriter discussed the origins of the release, stating: “The production of “Summa’s Interlude” was initially birthed from a WhatApp voice note, in-fact it’s very much a prominent part of the song now. Even the featured singer Gin Mason, who was visiting from America Boston at the time, was walking from room to room when I caught her humming some amazing melodies. After an hour of goofing, nagging and sharing ideas we both wrote what is now ‘Summa’s Interlude’. The process of this song truly was organic synchronicity or just right time, right place.”

Adding that this is, “A song about summer, all its highs and its lows. A song to remember that even with the great romance of a summer fling, it’s ok for autumn to come. For now we can refocus the love given through summer and give all the time in the world to ourselves for self-love. No bitterness, no regrets, no hardships. Just accepting blissful times coming to a close and taking those experiences with us on the road. Summer is always a story.”