6 Tracks To Take You From The End Of Pride Through the Summer

By Vee D

This is it, folks! Pride month has come to an end, and you may have noticed that all things rainbow and Queer have begun to disappear from shop windows (and advertisements in general. However, there is much to be said for the sheer volume of fantastic content that has been created especially for, and during, this oh-so-special celebratory season. 

Have a listen to some of 2021 Pride’s hottest tracks from a few of FM’s favourite LGBTQ+ artists.

Lazarus Lynch – Black Queer Anthem

‘’This is an anthem!’’ 

It is truly all in the name with this fearless declaration of pride from Lazarus Lynch. In 2020, the multi-talented chef, author and singer delivered a celebration of queer freedom, gender fluidity and creative expression with his track ‘’I’m Gay’’, and for Pride 2021, Lynch has outdone himself with this powerful, joyful anthem. The video is impactful, beautifully shot and perfectly fits the tone of this song’s core message – ‘’I’m black, so queer, so black, say it with me!’’

Jessica Wilde – Cruel

‘’Why you gotta be so cruel?’

Jessica Wilde’s latest track is a friendly reminder that in queer relationships, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time – even if it is Pride month! This summer bop is so easy to groove to, and the lyrics are all too relatable for anyone who’s experienced a toxic relationship. In Wilde’s case, this relationship (her first with a girl) was the inspiration for several of the themes she has discussed in her new album, her bisexual identity being one of them. But for real though, baby, why DO you gotta be so cruel?!

French Fries and Margarita – Crimes Against Nature

‘’Honey, I don’t care if I’m being judged by them for my colourful life’’

The title of this track is a reference to a legal term from a time in history when same-sex activity, or any sexual activity that was non-mainstream, was described as a crime against nature, punishable even by death. The ever-interesting French Fries and Margarita, AKA Francesco, has married this relic of the past with a refreshing infusion of their own reality as a confident, queer, non-binary artist of today. The impassioned lyrics, irresistible beat and Sci-fi inspired electro pop sounds make this track ideal for any party playlist.

P.S. – The video is a must-see, especially for (a satirized version of) Queen Liz’s reaction to two boys kissing. Priceless!

Rona Mac – Weapon

‘’Trust me babe, you keep me up all night.’’

‘’Weapon’’ is a wonderful blend of wicked guitar riffs, dreamy vocals and some seriously good songwriting from Rona Mac. The queer singer-songwriter shows off her musical talent in this song about a tumultuous relationship that has come to an end. If you are looking for a quietly slow-burning, yet ultimately uplifting indie pop tune to have on repeat while you coast into the rest of the summer months, this is the one. 

Babé Sila – Rainbow

‘’I really wanna take some time to face who I am’’

Hungarian R&B queen Babé Sila’s latest single is a sweet little jazz fusion tune celebrating self acceptance.  

“Colouring my own rainbow’ is a queer hint – my love life being unconventional and not necessarily fitting into a socially accepted norm I have to explain myself a lot. In this song I intend to declare that everyone has the right to colour their own rainbow – to decide who and design how they love.” 

Babé Sila began her career as part of a Budapest-based jazz-soul ensemble, and worked on collaborations in Berlin and New York, before moving to East London to establish her creative community. One to watch for sure. 

VINCINT – Higher (feat. Alex Newell)

“Too many nights I was trapped in my mind. Trying to break free. Now I surrender”

This euphoric dance track from dynamic newcomer on the pop scene Vincint Cannady who also goes by VINCINT. Some of VINCINT’S earliest memories include listening to his father and his fellow gospel group members performing four-part harmonies in his living room. Growing up in the absence of much representation of gay black pop stars, his idols included the likes of Whitney, Mariah, Beyoncé, and Billy Porter. His debut album There Will Be Tears soars and dances through the pain, finding joy amongst the sadness. 








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