5LOWERS Drops The Heartfelt R&B Classic ANSWERS

By Vasco Dega

An instant hit that will stay with you long after the last note, Answers is the latest drop from R&B up-and-comer 5lowers. 

Blending soaring synth chords and echoed drum pads over a peppered halftime beat, 5lowers showcases his musical prowess, as well as his atmospheric vocals. Produced by Nobu Sounds, it’s floaty, dream-like melody is reminiscent of his influences, such as 6lack and Khalid, yet has a unique twist that is resident to the artist himself.

Answers is about a real world experience where I felt failure in not understanding what a girl wanted in a man,” 5lowers elaborates. “I think this song explains how people feel a lot of times when they think a romantic situation is going well but it turns out it isn’t, and you are trying to figure out what you did ‘wrong’, when in reality sometimes things just don’t work out.” 

5lowers explores his own personal experiences within his music, which is evident through the passion that soaks through each of his words. Whilst the lyrics can sometimes teeter on a sense of sadness, he ensures that they still remain fun with his modern rhythms and catchy hooks. With his previous releases such as Summer Blues and Lights already being received to critical acclaim, Answers looks set to follow suit, and 5lowers is a name to look out for this year.