5 Tips For Traveling In London During The Pandemic


A lot of tourist attractions in London closed down since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. This was to minimize the spread, but things are now slowly opening up and tourists can now visit these attractions. Well, of course, there are stringent restrictions and regulations put in place for everyone visiting these places. 

Whether you are traveling to London for work or for a vacation, there are a few tips you could use to make your trip smooth, considering it is in the middle of a pandemic. That said, here are 5 tips you could use.

Schedule your COVID-19 test early

This is mandatory for everyone traveling, not just to London but also to other parts of the world. You want to avoid the inconvenience of time at the airport as you might have to take one if you hadn’t already done so. Get the test done and carry the certificate to be allowed on your flight. Apart from using your COVID-19 test results in the airport, you might have to use it to be granted access in other places. 

Carry all your essentials

This is a no-brainer, you will need to carry all essentials to ensure hygiene throughout your journey. From masks to sanitizer, gloves, and other items like toothpicks for opening elevators. Frequently sanitize whenever you are not wearing your gloves, and carry polythene bags to put your essentials like phone and wallet when passing through security checks. 

You can also store your luggage in a secure place instead of carrying it around and risking contamination. For instance, you could check out luggage storage Kings Cross if you need a reliable place to store your luggage around that area.

Check the entry rules and restrictions often

You want to be aware of what to expect when you get to London. The rules and regulations for entry to any place are always changing, so you want to avoid any nasty surprises when you get to your destination. Before departure, make sure to go through the entry rules and regulations of London to see what to expect once you get there. 

Plan to spend more time at the airport

There is now more paperwork to do in the airport before you get on your flight. However, most airport lounges are closed and it might not be the best idea to arrive overly early. You just have to be prepared to get there earlier than you would pre-COVID for a physical check-in. This is mostly for manual document checks for negative PCR tests and to sign a health declaration form.

Safety first, at all times

You will meet a lot of people during your trip, so you shouldn’t let your guard down when it comes to your safety. You don’t know who is the carrier, the best thing is to treat everyone as they are one. This way, you keep yourself safe as well as anyone you interact with. Also, don’t forget the important self-care tips and maintaining social distance while out in public. Every airline has different regulations, make sure to confirm what they are first. Simply stay in line with all precautionary measures throughout your travel.