There are times when one needs to travel with the whole family. This means that you may have to travel with your pets such as dogs and cats. What should happen to these animals when you book hotel rooms for the family members? Are there hotels that admit pets alongside people? What are the terms and conditions for this kind of stay? Well, these are common questions that people who have dogs may ask over time. There are many hotels that are pet-friendly and as such, you can book such hotels when you are traveling with your pet in tow. In this article, we want to examine some of the tips you should consider when booking dog-friendly hotels.

Here are 5 tips for staying at hotels when traveling with a dog:

Make a wise choice of the hotel

There are many hotels out there. One of the best things to do is find one that is pet-friendly and charges a reasonable amount as pet fees. You want your dog to be comfortable and happy when you are traveling. There are others that will also provide dog food and this is a good factor that you can consider when choosing a pet-friendly hotel. How comfortable is your stay in the hotel? You also want to be sure that the hotel you choose has friendly rates for you and your other traveling mates. Read reviews before you make a choice of a good hotel.

Double-check restrictions and pet fees

It is important that you know the kind of restrictions various hotels impose on visitors with pets. Are there nominal charges or daily charges for your pet? To be sure if you will not be surcharged, ensure that you do research and read reviews of various pet-friendly hotels. This way, you can make a suitable choice for you and your dog.

Ask for a room near the exit or near the entrance

You should consider a room that is near the exit or the entrance. It would also be good if you were to take a room near the stairs as this makes it convenient for you to have better potty breaks for your dog. A room on the upper floors would rather be an inconvenience for you and the dog. A room on the ground floor would also be good for all your offloading and loading of items. A room on the ground floor also ensures that you won’t have to use elevators with your dog as these are likely to be crammed with people.

Bring fewer items to the room

You do not have to carry all your dog accessories with you. Bring minimal items to the room so that it is convenient for your loading and unloading. Bring only the dog bed if at all you will be in the hotel room for not more than one night. A rolling bag would do for dog bowls and dog food.

Don’t leave the dog in a lonely and quiet room

You do not want the dog to feel lonely when you leave the room and leave him there. You can leave one light on and even the TV should be on so as to distract the dog from noises in the surroundings. You should shut the curtains to ensure the dog is peaceful and that no movements of people can distract them.