bidvineWe all want to know the secret formula to stardom. But, unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be one. With people becoming famous for any number of talents (or no talents at all), it’s all up in the air in this day and age. If you want to be known for your musical talents, consider these lessons from your favourite rock stars and pop stars. And if you ever need help learning how to play an instrument, you can hire a music teacher on Bidvine, the fast and easy way to hire local professionals.

1. Be Authentic

This tip applies to anything you’ll do in life. It’s always important to stay true to yourself and be authentic. To put it simply, your potential fans won’t buy into your image and personality if they sense that you’re being fake.

Being authentic in your personality is important, as is being authentic in your musical style. If you’re a country music fan but start performing hip-hop or pop punk music, that’s not going to go well. Okay, maybe Avril Lavigne is an exception to the rule (if the rumors are true). What we’re trying to say is: consider what you love and what makes you a great person. Then, amplify it through your music and personality.avril-lavigne2. Excel at Your Craft

This goes without saying, but to get to stardom, you’ll have to be good at what you do. If you want to play music as part of the band or as a solo performer, here are some of the instruments that you could consider learning professionally.

Singers are generally more famous than their instrument-playing counterparts. If stardom is your sole reason for learning a new skill and becoming a musician, then you should learn how to sing first. By learning how to sing and how to use your voice properly, you’re opening a whole world of opportunities. You may even be able to learn how to sing like Amy Winehouse, which would be a dream. Although singing comes naturally to some, others, like Ed Sheeran, are singers who used to be bad and had to practice and practice to become better, so don’t be discouraged if your singing requires some help.ed-sheeranMany people who are interested in learning music choose piano as their first instrument for it’s beautiful sound and because it’s great for learning sight-reading —reading two lines, two different clefs at the same time. With learning the piano, the earlier you start, the better!

For example, Sir Elton John started his musical education at the young age of just four, the age meant to be most receptive to learning the instrument. But if you’re starting later and have some catching up to do, you can always hire a piano teacher.elton-john You probably have a list of guitarists you admire in your head, as they’re often the lead singers of their bands. Even solo guitarists gain fame in their own right! If you want to join the ranks of Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Ozzy Osbourne, and countless more, consider picking up an electric guitar. Many guitarist, in contrast to the piano, didn’t pick up the instrument until later in their teens, but for example, Peter Buck of REM didn’t start playing until his late 20s!peter-buck-of-rem Learning the bass can be summed up by this one sentence: easy to start, difficult to master! Compared to other instruments, on a bass guitar you can learn your favourite songs with relative ease because it allows for longers rhythms and only single notes. Other benefits include that every bands needs a bass player and the audience always loves it so it could be the perfect instrument for you if you’re aspiring to walk in Paul McCartney’s steps.

If you’re obsessed with rhythm over everything else sounds like you could be a drummer in the making. But then again, you probably already figured it out by now. Sure, it might take a bit more of an initial financial investment, and your housemates might not be thrilled with your new hobby at first, but drumming is a great way to release pent up energy as it reduces stress and boosts the immune system… and it’s also fun and really cool!

3. Write Original Songs

Have you always dreamed of writing your own music? Do you want to quit covering your favourite songs and write music that people one day might cover? Well, you can take lessons to learn how to write better music! A music composition tutor can teach you how to write songs that will help propel you to stardom.

If you already have an inkling on how to get started, when you have an idea, just write it down! Keep a pen and paper around you at all times, just in case inspiration strikes. After all, that’s what Chris Martin of Coldplay does! Don’t be afraid to be inspired by other songwriters and remember, there’s no right and wrong way to write music! Just don’t forget to have fun.
coldplay 4. Share Your Talent

It is 2016, after all so why not upload your videos to YouTube? Pick up your guitar or your microphone and record a video of yourself performing. This may be a safer route for original songs, as YouTube has been cracking down on copyright. So, if you’ve been working with a songwriter or have written a song on your own, record a video and upload it! You can also consult a professional video editor if you need a little help in that area. One of the most infamous pop stars around right now, Justin Bieber, got his big break on YouTube. It just goes to show that if you get your videos in the hands of the right people (like Usher), you can rise to stardom.
When it comes to networking online, collaborations are the way to go! If you spot another musician or writer who inspires you, you could approach them with a request to work together on a project. Of course, internet celebrities are hard to get on your side but emerging artists, like yourself, would likely be happy to consider your idea! If you like their output, chances are, they might enjoy yours too! But don’t be disappointed if someone says no, there’s plenty of other fish in the sea!

Another way to gain exposure for your talents is to enter competitions. Would you like the chance to appear on television while you’re promoting your music and talents? Well, the X Factor is on TV right now, and that is a huge opportunity to skyrocket to stardom. Use the time before next year’s round of auditions to hone your skills and prepare a great audition song. You could join the ranks of popular X Factor contestants who have sold millions of records across the world. Of course, there’s also Britain’s Got Talent and others, and if you want to start small, you could just sign up to participate in an open mic night at a local coffee shop.The X Factor1a 5. Get Professional Publicity Boost

The final step to gaining stardom is actually getting some publicity. If you already have a talent agent or a promoter, great. If not, hiring one is a crucial step to getting your content and talents out there. Publicists know who to contact and what to do to get you attention. They’ll help you build your personal brand and define your image, as that’s what fans will fall for. Make sure to do your research first as to what is a fair price and commission and don’t just take the first offer. For example, Bob Dylan famously wrote two songs of his manager, Albert Grossman, who took 25% commission compared to the 15% that was the norm back then so let that serve as a warning!

We hope you found inspiration in our tips for achieving stardom. Remember, no one will buy into your image if you don’t believe in yourself! So have confidence in yourself and your talents. Find the right people to help you spread your message, and build your skills. It’s your time to shine!