5 Reasons Stills Work Better Than Video For Instant Brand Recognition

While the whole area of visual marketing takes video into account, you can only get that instant brand recognition you want with still life photography. There is no denying that visual content is huge among Millennials, but visual content appeals to consumers of any age and is more likely to sell products than any ten video adverts. Here are six reasons why still shots work so much better than video for instant brand recognition.

1. Distraction Rate

One thing that marketers learn very early on is that you must grab your audience within the first few seconds or you will lose their interest altogether. Did you know that the average person can be distracted enough to move on within just eight seconds, but as if that wasn’t telling enough, some people can become easily distracted within 2.8 seconds.

2. Time It Takes for First Impressions

Can you imagine just how short a millisecond is? With the average person forming a first impression within 50 milliseconds, that isn’t enough time to even read one word or see the opening sequence of a video! Since a millisecond is 1/1,000 of a second, that image better be an extremely high-quality shot by an expert still life photographer if you hope to create an impression – a favourable impression that is!

3. Percentage of Visual Communications

It is estimated that by the time 2018 is over, at least 84% of all communications will be visual. Now then, taking all the above into account, those with the greatest impact will undoubtedly be still shots because the average viewer will not stick around long enough to watch an entire video or read a half page of content.

4. Posts with Visual Content Attract More Readers

Since first impressions are so important, consider the fact that posts with visual content are statistically 650 times more effective at engaging readers than posts with no visuals whatsoever. When it comes to marketing high end products, professional photographers understand just how important that single still really is. A product photographer must capture that one image that will draw in an audience who will want to know more about that particular luxury product or the brand behind the image. Some stunning examples of product photography can be seen on Howlett Photography’s online portfolio which shows what an impact a well set up photo can have on the product your capturing. An example can be seen through the following image:

5. A Look at the Success of Visuals on Social Media

Then there is social media which tells the story in no uncertain terms. According to the latest statistics, the number of active users on Pinterest has grown by more than 111% in 2017 alone and Instagram grew by 64% in that same year. Both are visual content social sites. Then there is Facebook. Did you know that brands that post photos are reported to have an 87% engagement rate, according to a report released by eMarketer? As for Twitter, tweets containing images were ranked as favourites 89% more times than tweets without images and got at least 18 percent more clicks. As for retweets, this number is off the charts. Tweets with images were retweeted 150 percent more often than tweets containing none.

When seeking to build brand recognition, it really pays to invest in a high quality, expert photographer to capture that perfect still shot that embodies the essence of your brand.