5 Of The Biggest Wedding Trends in 2020

Tying the knot in the new year and need some inspiration for the big day? Entering a new decade, 2020 marks the beginning of a new era and all the trends that come with it will define how it begins. Read on to find out some of the trends you’ll be seeing everywhere if you’re planning a wedding next year.

Eco-conscious weddings

It should come as no surprise that sustainable weddings are a major trend now and number one on this list. In today’s world there’s no reason that your wedding can’t be ethical, zero-waste and eco-friendly. Weddings that protect the earth and curb the often excessive waste generated by weddings will be super popular. Think recycled paper or seeded invitations, a vintage or borrowed wedding dress, farm-to-table menus, green plants as decorations and ethically made or recycled jewellery, to name a few ways you can make your wedding more green.

Many people who want to embrace an eco-conscious wedding are also looking at having weddings take place outside. Organising the whole affair and simply starting with just a field. Whether you hire a big marquee for the event, embrace the open air and also have on hand facilities from places like Let Loos, it really can be a great way to celebrate your wedding in a totally unique way. The DIY effect is taking hold. 

Vegetarian, vegan and alternative menu options

Plant-based and vegan diets have become increasingly normalised, with more and more delicious options popping up in restaurants everywhere. Weddings will be no exception, with more weddings featuring menus that are inclusive to all, including allergy sufferers, and many weddings where the entire menu is plant-based, so that everyone can dine on the same entrées.

Something Blue

New York Fashion Bridal Week featured dashings of shades of blue across its collections. While blue has consistently been a popular hue for wedding tuxedos and suits, it’s now replacing black in popularity for grooms. When it comes to bridesmaids, blue has long been a staple as a solid colour choice with an array of beautiful shades to choose from and it’s going to be bigger than ever in 2020. Deep sapphire shades create a dramatic look, while for something soft, ethereal, modern or romantic, shades like ice blue, dusty blue or powdery blue grey are great choices. You don’t even have to settle on one shade! Mixed shades or even multicoloured hues on bridesmaids means less risk of disagreement in choosing one colour that everyone will want to wear, and is a fresh, cool alternative to the more traditional matchy-matchy look.

Embroidered Veils and Dresses

Last year, Chiara Ferragni wore a Dior couture tulle gown embroidered with lyrics and motifs sentimental to her and groom Fedez to the reception of their wedding. This year Hailey Baldwin sported an Off-White creation to tie the knot with Justin Bieber, with a matching veil that featured the words “Till Death Do Us Part” emblazoned on it. The embroidered trend is set to continue into next year with more conventional florals also remaining a great option for brides that aren’t quite as bold as some celebs.

An Intimate Affair

You may have heard the term ‘micro weddings’ which refer to weddings with about 40 guests or less. This kind of wedding allows for more of an intimate celebration with more time spent with the bride and groom and it can be as formal or informal as you like. A smaller crowd also allows a bigger portion of the budget to be spent on each guest, resulting in a more luxurious experience for everyone involved. 

By Fiona Feeney / FM