5 Key Things To Remember When Planning A Wedding

If you have recently got engaged, congratulations! You must be excitedly counting down until the big day, but there is a lot to do between now and then!
16 July 2021

By Vanessa B

If you have recently got engaged, congratulations! You must be excitedly counting down until the big day, but there is a lot to do between now and then! Wedding planning is considered to be one of the most stressful experiences a couple will go through together, and it’s easy to see why considering the cost of a modern wedding and the pressure to make it the perfect day. It’s important to try and keep your stress levels to a minimum, as you should enjoy the experience of planning your wedding together, and although this is easier said than done, getting organized is one way to help with this. Below are five of the key things you will need to check off your list when it comes to wedding planning, and you need to make these a priority.

The Venue

Wedding venues get booked up quickly, and if you have a particular venue in mind, you might have to accept that you’ll have a slightly longer engagement than you had intended to get married there. Even if you do have a dream venue, it’s important to still look around at other places to see what your options are and what will fit in with your budget best. You’ll also need to consider the overall packages that these venues are offering you for your big day, as some will be more generous than others. It’s also important to consider how easy it is for your guests to reach the venue, as you don’t want to alienate those who don’t drive and need to rely on public transport to get there. 


Another thing you need to think about is where are you and your guests going to stay? Your venue might offer rooms that your guests can use on-site, but if not, you’ll need to find somewhere nearby that is comfortable and clean for your guests to stay in, as well as being affordable for them. If you want to try something different, you could always look into wedding glamping accommodation which would work quite well for a festival or bohemian-themed wedding. It has a fun, rustic feel to it but also provides comfort for your guests rather than having them sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags!


This is another thing that your venue should offer as part of their wedding packages, but a lot of couples are now choosing to hire food trucks or have more casual dining experiences for their guests. Either way, you need to be mindful of the dietary requirements of your guests, so always offer vegetarian/vegan options and double-check if any of the people attending your wedding have any food allergies that need to be considered. When choosing a food menu for your wedding, it’s best to go for meals that you know are going to be crowd-pleasers. Although you might not want your wedding meal to feel boring, it’s better to offer something that you know people will like rather than having your guests going hungry because they weren’t keen on what was served up. Italian food is always a winner, or rack of lamb, roast beef, chicken, etc., are all popular wedding menu options.


Music is a must at a wedding, whether it’s a live band or a DJ. However, think of other ways you can entertain your guests when they want to take a break from the dancefloor. If you have young children attending the wedding, perhaps hiring a magician to keep them entertained could be a good idea? This could be just as entertaining for the adults, too. Or you could hire a caricaturist to draw funny pictures of people, which could also double up as excellent keepsakes for you and your guests. Whatever you choose, having entertainment for your guests on the big day is important and can help to make it even more memorable.

Guest List

Your wedding guest list can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a big budget so can’t afford to invite everybody you know. Inviting certain family members and not others can sometimes lead to tension, but the bottom line is that it’s your day, and you should spend it with the people you’re closest to. If you do need to be strict with numbers, sit down with your partner and agree that it will only be immediate family and close friends in attendance rather than aunts, uncles, cousins and work colleagues that you don’t see that often. Try to work out your guest list as soon as possible, so you have numbers to work with when you visit potential venues and caterers.

These are essential parts of any wedding, so make sure you organise these things as soon as possible for a smooth run when it comes to your wedding planning.