5 Holiday Proposal Ideas That Guarantee A Big YES

Proposing is an exciting, life-changing moment that allows you to start your life with the person you love. Now that you feel ready to get down on one knee to pop the question, it’s time to begin planning the ideal proposal. Many of us adore going on holiday with our partners, so adding a proposal to the mix is one way to remember it forever. Start your search with platinum engagement rings and find the perfect addition to your partner’s hand before deciding on one of our holiday proposal ideas.

Winter wonderland

With pure white snow, regal red decor and a loving atmosphere, winter is an ideal time to propose. A white Christmas isn’t always guaranteed, which is why so many choose to go abroad during this time of year. If your partner has an affinity for all things winter-related, choose to propose during a trip to a dazzlingly snowy country, such as Switzerland or Norway. Imagine getting down on one knee beside a frozen lake surrounded by tall, snow-topped trees. Nothing could be more romantic for a partner who adores the winter.

Kandersteg, Switzerland

Favourite TV filming spot 

Do you share a love of a television series or movie? Whether it’s Game of Thrones or Harry Potter, most movies have some beautiful locations that you can visit. Proposing in one of these spots is perfect for film buffs, but ensure you choose somewhere they truly love. There’s no point in taking them to the set of Gossip Girls, if they adore Lord of the Rings. Think about where their favourite TV or movie moment happened and see if you can spend a long weekend there before popping the question. 

By sunset

There is something incredibly beautiful about the sunset. Maybe it’s the warm orange glow of the sun or the colourful sky as day turns to night. Either way, sharing a sunset together is incredibly romantic. Add in a surprise proposal and you have a recipe for a stunning engagement in the throes of nature. Most holiday destinations have a beach, balcony or clifftop where you can watch the sun go down in private, just make sure you do some research before you head out so you know where to go for the best view.

Boat tour

Hiring a private boat is romantic in itself and is a common excursion that many people enjoy on their holiday. Just you, your partner and the sea – as well as the ship’s captain, of course. Put on some music, pour the wine and lay out some nibbles to set the scene before soaking up the sun on your tour. Once the boat stops for a moment, find a spot on the deck to propose. This is so very romantic and a great way to ensure the proposal is a complete surprise. 

Foodie heaven

If you and your partner share a big love of food, treat them to the best restaurant your chosen destination has to offer. Reserve the best table they have as far in advance as possible. Let the staff know you’re proposing as they are bound to go above and beyond to ensure your special moment goes smoothly. If your loved one doesn’t enjoy being the centre of attention, opt for a table in a more private area, such as the balcony. Alternatively, set up a romantic picnic with candles and their favourite foods in a beautiful park or iconic spot for a more private foodie proposal. 

Whether you choose something discrete or an out-there public proposal, this is something you’re sure to celebrate for years to come.