4 Ways To Sharpen Up Your Summer Look

When it comes to dressing for the summer months there’s only one real winner: comfort. That was until now. There are some great ways to be comfortable, safe and stylish during summer and we’re going to take a look at how you can sharpen this season’s wardrobe.

Layer up

Layers in summer may sound crazy, but layering is great all year round. You want to be prepared in case of a dramatic change in the weather, so a vest and a pair of shorts is a risky outfit. Instead, wear a vest or t-shirt with a short-sleeve cotton or linen shirt undone and over the top. If it gets too hot, the shirt can be removed, if it gets cold, it can be done up. Let’s not forget our clothes can also act as protection for the skin from the sun’s dangerous UV radiation – dark or bright colours in particular. Of course, this will by no means protect you alone and sun cream should always be worn.


As well as protecting your eyes from the sun, sunglasses can complete an outfit. Sunglasses are not only stylish, but they are practical, helping to reduce the risk of developing cataracts and some forms of skin cancers. If you are a glasses wearer look at investing in a pair of prescription sunglasses. By doing so, you will help to prevent any further sight complications caused by not wearing your prescription. You won’t have to sacrifice style either, whether it’s wayfarers or aviators you’re after, you can get Ray-Ban prescription sunglasses to suit your look. 

Summer shoes

While we love our boots, it is time to pack them away for a while in favour of more summer-appropriate footwear. Minimalist trainers (think all-white) are a brilliant choice as they can be teamed with many different outfits. Espadrilles are also a fantastic investment as they can be dressed up with a pair of smart shorts and a shirt for an evening meal out. And loafers and boat shoes are summer classics. Don’t forget to pair these with no-show socks. Socks help to absorb sweat from our feet as well as helping to prevent infections. Socks also decrease the chances of your shoes getting damaged and worn out before their time, so don’t go leaving these summer essentials out.

Upgrade your suit

Whether you’re heading to a wedding or a meeting, in the summer a linen suit is a staple. Linen is lightweight and provides a breathable solution to a classic suit. You can even mix and match and pair your linen blazer with a pair of jeans or chinos and a t-shirt. However, you will need to be prepared when it comes to styling this summer classic; linen is a very absorbent material, so if rain is forecast take an umbrella with you. 

There are some easy ways to sharpen up your summer look, think practical yet stylish. And with just a few additions to your wardrobe, you will be summer-ready in no time.