4 Ways To Know You’re Making The Right Decision

By Vee D

Finding new ways to continue rocking who you are is difficult, especially when you get too comfortable with your current situation. There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, of course. In fact, it’s something that everybody (or at least most people) dreams of. However, even if you are comfortable, you might not be sure if the decision you’re making is the right one, and this can stop you from taking that significant next step in your life. So how do you know you’ve made the right decision? And how can you be more confident in every choice you make? Well, you’ll know, and here’s how you’ll know. 

You’re a Little Terrified 

Being terrified is not something that naturally appeals to people, but it can be the sign you are making the right decision. This is because it’s natural to be a little apprehensive when making a huge step in your life, whether this is quitting your job or having kids for the first time. If you’re terrified after making a decision, don’t worry. This means you care enough about the outcome. If you care enough, it means you’ll put your all into it, and that can only be a good thing. 

You Can’t Stop Thinking About It 

We make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions every day. We consider what we should have for lunch or pick out what to wear. We choose the music to listen to during our commute. These decisions make up our lives, but they are also inconsequential. We don’t think about them after we have made them. This isn’t true for bigger decisions, and if you keep thinking about them, it’s a sign you’ve made the right choice. Consider deciding to move house and transport your motorcycle with Shiply versus another company. If you spend time thinking about it, you can feel more confident in your decision without overthinking it. 

You’re Going to Feel Happier 

Feeling happier is not something that happens immediately, but it’s something you can use to gauge whether you made the right decision. If you find yourself full of life and energy a few months down the line, this is a clear sign that you made the right choice, whatever that choice might have been. This should eliminate any regrets and make you feel better about the choices you make. 

You Will Feel More Confident 

Likewise, confidence is also something that you can build gradually. By throwing yourself into new experiences with coworkers and friends, you will see your confidence grow into something that you never thought possible. This would not have happened if you hadn’t made the right decision. If you struggle with confidence issues (as everybody does at some point in life), remember how you’ve already proven to yourself that you can make the best choices, and use that as inspiration. 

A New Adventure 

Every decision brings the potential for a brand new adventure, whether personally or professionally. Sure, this new adventure might scare you at first, but it will soon make you happier and more confident than ever. When this happens, you can look back on your decision and feel confident it was the right one to make.