4 Tips To Pack Up And Move With Ease


After the past year, many of us have decided to change our lives. When forced to pause as we all did in 2020, our priorities shift. Perhaps your priorities in your career, relationships, and/or home realigned over many months on lockdown. And, you are looking for an upgrade in life in 2021 with a different home. Packing and moving are unpleasant for most. So, take the below advice to make your packing and moving easy peasy.

Declutter by Selling and/or Donating Stuff

One of the benefits of moving is the opportunity to sort through your belongings. It’s amazing how much stuff we forget about, but put it in the attic, basement, closet, spare bedroom, garage, and/or junk drawer. The best way to make your packing and moving experience easy is to have fewer things to move. Look through your closet and donate the clothes that don’t fit or that you haven’t worn in the last five years. Do the same to your library of music and books. If you have difficulties in cleaning out your possessions, take suggestions from the guru of decluttering Marie Kondo. If it doesn’t bring your joy, get rid of it. 

Pack Up with Help from Your Friends

Doing anything alone is as much fun as doing it with friends and good company. Once you have decluttered and know exactly what is going to your new place, it is time to order your supplies: boxes, tape, and packing materials. Then, it is time to call your friends. With a tempting invite, helping your pack can be fun. Perhaps you make it a packing party offering to provide beer, wine, and pizza for all that come. As an extra bonus, there can be a box of giveaways (ex. wine glasses, throw pillows, vases, knickknacks, etc.) that you don’t want in your new home but think your friends might like. 

Opt to Transport Your Car

If you own one or more cars, you will need to think about how you are going to get them to your new place. Do you have the time to drive it to your new home? Depending on how far your move takes you, this task could be very time-consuming. If you have more than one car, this becomes even more problematic. Your best bet is to consider car transport. The car transport service picks up your car at your home, loads it onto a larger truck, and delivers it to your desired destination whether in a new province, state, or country.

Hire Professional Movers

When it comes to mattresses, dressers, sofas, and other heavy stuff, you need professional help. Regardless of where your current home is and where your new home is, there will be challenges like staircases, narrow hallways, and doors that need to be taken off the hinges. Do yourself, your family, and your friends a favor. Research local moving companies that can take all of your boxes and furniture from your current resident to your new residence. Make sure that the company you choose has insurance and gives you a competitive quote.

Moving is stressful. Regardless if it is a happy move to a new place for a job or just a fresh start, decluttering, packing, and organizing all the logistics is a lot of work. However, by following the above four tips, you will be well on your way to an easier packing and moving journey.