4 Tips To Filing A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Health professionals are trained to handle their patients with extreme care. But when a doctor’s negligence or general sloppiness causes you injury, the hospital in question must compensate you. Sadly, this compensation isn’t always a straightforward process.

A good lawyer can help you win a medical malpractice lawsuit. However, you ought to take immediate action whenever you get injured due to medical malpractice.

Here are 4 tips to filing a medical malpractice lawsuit:

1: Get an attorney immediately

Although it’s possible to get some cases resolved without engaging the proficient services of a lawyer, medical malpractice suits require representation from a skilled attorney. Therefore, it’s important to get legal counsel if you purport to have been injured or hurt as a result of medical malpractice. A competent lawyer will help you file a strong case quickly, before the statute of limitations that’s stipulated within your particular jurisdiction expires. Apart from helping you beat the clock, lawyers who are highly experienced in handling medical malpractice cases will possess the technical knowhow required to build a strong malpractice case. This guarantees a professional and timely handling of your case.

2: Contact the relevant medical licensing body

Apart from contacting your lawyer, it’s also advisable to talk with the physician who was involved in the alleged medical malpractice. Some doctors might admit to their mistakes and express their willingness to remedy the problem. But in certain cases, your medical specialist could end up giving you the cold shoulder. If this happens to you, ensure you follow it up with the medical licensing body operating within your region. This board will guide you on the most appropriate course to take. A suitable disciplinary action will be determined by the medical licensing board – it could involve issuing a stern warning to the physician who’s responsible for the injury.

3: Inform your insurance company

If you’re insured by a medical cover, it’s important to notify your insurer about the medical malpractice that caused you injury. This will prompt a thorough internal review of the hospital in an attempt to shed more light on the malpractice incident. In case fault is found, your insurer will negotiate a suitable settlement to avoid escalating the issue to the courts. In such a scenario, allow your lawyer to do all the talking. Attorneys are equipped with the “art of negotiation” and can easily turn an unpleasant situation into a favorable case. They’ll help you win your rightful settlement in court.

4: Request for your certificate of merit

If you suffer injuries in the hands of a medical practitioner, then the hospital in question must be willing to compensate you for the injuries caused. However, you’ll need to reveal a certificate of merit, a document that ascertains that your injuries were caused by some form of medical malpractice (negligence) from your medical caretakers. Normally, a medical expert is hired to investigate the entire issue. This expert will go through your medical records and assess the events leading to your injuries, then come up with conclusive findings before awarding you the certificate of merit. As always, it’s wise to let your attorney handle file a certificate of merit on your behalf.

Follow these insightful tips the next time you file a medical malpractice suit.