4 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Cosplaying

By Vanessa B

Cosplaying is a great chance to have fun with your friends at a Comicon convention or party. ‘Cosplay’ refers to dressing up as a character through a full head-to-toe transformation. This can include makeup, wigs, sewing, and much more. A lot of work goes into every cosplay costume, and there are a few things you need to know before you can begin.

Pick who you want to be 

Try to choose a character who you identify with or have a particular affinity before. You can look at comic books, TV shows, movies and anime for inspiration. No matter your race, height, weight or physical or mental ailment, you can cosplay! 

For anime characters, in particular, remember that you need to be comfortable in your cosplay. Nine-inch heels aren’t always practical and sometimes fictional characters, and their outlandish costumes need to be adapted to the real world. You need to feel comfortable in your costume so you can enjoy yourself all day long!

Decide if you want to buy or make your own costume

Making your outfit is, arguably, the hardest and most tedious part of cosplay. If you want to venture into the world of sewing, patterns and fabric – make your own costume. Start by experimenting with making accessories, and then you can move onto the bigger, more complex pieces. You may need someone to help fit the piece and measure you. 

However, sometimes buying items can be a little easier and more affordable. A printed t-shirt is a great starting point, and you can pair it with other pieces to make your costume complete. Explore thrift stores, online auctions and mainstream stores for a whole host of cosplay options. You could also go all out and buy replicas from your favourite shows. With the right budget, you can get items for your cosplay with amazing features, detail and realism that you just wouldn’t get if you did it yourself at home. 

Making your own costume is something to be proud of – and others at the convention will undoubtedly admire your efforts.

Be aware of convention etiquette

Familiarise yourself with how to behave at the conventions – such as not blocking the halls and stopping the flow of traffic to grab a picture. Do not touch people’s costumes, wigs, or accessories without their consent. Offer to take photos for people and remain polite at all times. Cosplay should be a positive experience for everyone!

Have fun!

It is all about having fun and not being ashamed or embarrassed by your costume. Wear something that you feel amazing in, and your confidence will shine through. The convention is usually filled with like-minded people who have an appreciation for the art of cosplay.