4 Things To Look For In A Great Waxing Service When On Holiday In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Nothing makes a girl feel less feminine than exposing her unpleasant body hair to the public. Especially, when all you want to do on vacation is wear pretty dresses and skirts, complementing your curves. This need to dress up can evolve into an urge if you are in a beach area. As we all know, Chiang Mai has pristine beaches. You would not want body hair to keep you from dressing up to taste and taking those beautiful vacation photos that you can share with family and friends back home.

Therefore, if you are currently in Chiang Mai and in dire need of a waxing fix but do not know whom to turn to then follow these four tips to rescue yourself:

1) Take Price Into Consideration

While getting a Brazilian wax done or removing the unwanted layer of hair from your limbs may only cost you a few bucks back home, you have to bear in mind that this tedious task is carried out by throwing in a couple of extra dollar bills in this Southeast Asian country. While parlors and saloons are spread throughout Thailand, it is an anomaly to get this service cheap. However, fear not, some parlors are not geared toward creating a hole in your pocket.

While I was in Thailand, I got the chance to get Brazilian wax at Heavenly Nails in Chiang Mai, and not only did I love the service, but the rates were quite reasonable.

2) Look For A Private Beautician

If a saloon does not work out for you, then look into availing the services of a private beautician. It is quite easy to find women who render services (such as waxing, manicure, and pedicure) privately, and that too for a low price.

Before getting to know about Heavenly Nails, I did avail the services of a private beautician for a manicure, and the experience was quite pleasant. It did not cost me that much. It also felt nice to interact with a local and get to know about her life in Thailand.

3) Investigate The Products A Service Provider Is Using

You would not want to end up having an allergic reaction to an unspecified ingredient in the wax, nor would you like to ruin your skin by subjecting it to a low-quality product. So be sure to investigate what kind of products a parlor is going to be using on you. You are paying them huge amounts of money; you might as well do your research.

4) Invest In Wax Strips

This really should be your last resort. Wax strips, similar to conventional wax, remove unwanted hair. However, at first, it is not always easy to deal with them. For beginners, the whole thing could turn into a mess. If they do not have the will to pull the strip ruthlessly, they will be left with unpleasant repercussions. However, if worse comes to worst, you could use them by carefully following the instructions.