4 of the World’s Most Lavish Casinos

To say that casinos have changed over the last several decades or so would be the understatement of the century. Whereas in the past, people used to associate casinos with seedy back alley clubs and basements, the casino industry, and the gambling industry in general for that matter, has undergone quite the transformation as of late. 

Now, when we think of casinos, we think of luxury, grandeur, and sophistication. We understand that all casinos are different, but for the most part, thanks to key investments and a growing interest in gambling and online betting in general, casinos like www.findbettingsites.co.uk are becoming more and more upmarket with each passing year. 

From Vegas to Monaco, here’s a look at 4 of the world’s most lavish casinos. 

Hotel de Paris and Casino de Monte Carlo, Monaco

First up we have this absolute beauty from Monaco. Here, we have two awe-inspiring hotels which are connected to one another via a short series of stairs. Because of its location in Monaco, the casino here is home to some of the highest rollers in the world of gambling today. Renowned for
their luxurious interiors, with gold, marble, and other expensive materials used liberally throughout, the casino here is truly special. It also served as the setting for the James Bond movie Casino Royale, and we can see why.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 

Right now, this casino is the most expensive on the planet, as it cost the owners a whopping $8 Billion to develop. This vast complex comprises of three towers, a luxurious infinity pool on the rooftop, and a stunningly decorated casino which is home to over 1500 slot machines and well over 1000 individual gaming tables. The architects spared no expense here, and took inspiration for the design, ironically, from a stack of cards. 

The Bellagio 

You didn’t think we’d create a list of the most expensive and lavish casinos in the world without heading over to Vegas did you? If we’re talking lavishness in Vegas, there’s only one casino that comes to mind, and that is the Bellagio casino and hotel. Arguably the most famous casino on the planet, the Bellagio features thick and luxurious carpets, stunning décor, iconic water fountains which are now a popular tourist attraction in Vegas, and some of the finest gaming tables and games selections in existence. The Bellagio has been featured on TV and in movies multiple times, including 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven remake, starring George Clooney. 

The Kurhaus 

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden, Germany, is one of the most lavish casinos in existence. It also happens to be one of the oldest. Built in the year 1820, this casino is a fine example of Germany architecture and efficiency. The casino and hotel has a red and gold theme throughout, and also features a spa for when you want to relax and take a little break from the Craps tables. Of all of the casinos on our list today, despite being one of the more lavish, the Kurhaus is also one of the quietest.