4 Life Changing Methods to Develop Your Innate Confidence


Many of us go through life with the internal assumption that self-confidence does not belong to us, that it is somehow the purview of other people but not ourselves. This doesn’t have to be the case, however. We each have an innate source of confidence that we are born with and which can be brought out again with the right care, and doing so can be one of the most powerful and enjoyable things you will ever do in life. While earned confidence can be a skill that you work on through external achievements and accolades, innate confidence on the other hand could be described as more of a state of mind.

In this post, we will take a look at some of the most effective ways you can develop this, so that you can start to really make the most of your life in a big way.

Believe It To Achieve It

The main thing getting in most people’s way when it comes to confidence in our own self worth is that they (mistakenly) don’t fully believe in it. The trouble there is that not believing in it is exactly what causes it not to be there. Our thoughts create our reality and because of this, the things you tell yourself are extremely important. Think back to when you were a kid and believed in all kinds of magical things and it seemed anything was possible. Try to reconnect with that inner childlike believer to find the place within where you can fully and genuinely believe in your own innate confidence and capabilities. With steady awareness, you will find that it just starts coming out much more naturally in no time. Resolutely deciding that you will be or do whatever it is you want to is often half the battle. If you are struggling with this, just ask yourself: is there really any reason to not have confidence within? Remember, nothing can be done without believing in your ability to do it first.

Keep Fit & Healthy

An important part of the puzzle which we shouldn’t really overlook is taking care of our physical body, through healthy habits surrounding things like diet and exercise. There are so many great ways to get more fit, and no matter which you pursue it is most likely going to have an overall positive effect on your confidence. Physical movement is that it is strongly linked with the brain and they inextricably affect each other. When you think positively about exercise you will be more likely to actually make exercise a part of your daily life, and doing so releases endorphins in the brain that reward and encourage you to continue, thus setting off a positive feedback cycle. 

If you’re into sports, for instance, watching The 2020 Stanley Cup can work as inspiration for becoming more active and taking part in football or your favourite sport yourself, playing alongside a team, which can help foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging. Alternatively, you could join a gym and monitor and track your progress and meet goals for yourself. In addition to the fitness side of things, you might also want to focus on improving your diet as a tool for helping you to feel good. That means respecting and treating yourself well by nourishing your body with plenty of fruit and vegetables, lots of whole foods, and avoiding too many processed foods, foods high in fat, salt and sugar and too much alcohol or caffeine.

If you can get a better grip on managing your fitness and diet, you will likely find that you automatically feel much healthier in no time, which gives you the mental energy you need to bring out your innate confidence in your daily life.

Challenge The Negative

We all have those negative thought processes that pop up from time to time. These are a natural response to the everyday trauma of life, and they do actually serve a self preserving purpose, up to a point. But if you want to really hone in on your confidence and make it stronger, you are going to have to make sure that you challenge these often untrue negative scripts as best as you can, and let them simply melt away as you nourish the inner core of your being with self-love and self-compassion.

For most people, the tricky part here is finding them in the first place, as they can be so unconscious and buried that you are not even aware they are happening. Developing some mindfulness will help you here, and this practice will allow you to become aware of exactly when and how your mind is not exactly being your best friend. You can then start to transform those thoughts into more positive ones and you can even develop your own mantras from these to write down and repeat to yourself until you accept them as simple facts. Over time your sense of self-worth will drastically improve, and your confidence will be much more pronounced and powerful.

Just Be – You Are Enough

Many people find it hard to just be who they are. Because self acceptance in today’s world is so difficult, if you can master this, you are going to stand out in any crowd, and your confidence will bloom as a result. Simply being who you are means not constantly feeling desperate to chase the mirage of self-improvement, which is ultimately a never-ending endeavor anyway. In the meantime, be happy to just know that you are already enough as you are, practicing daily gratitude for each and every new day that you get to live on this planet and in your body. As long as you are focused more on simply being alive and being you, rather than on constantly doing or achieving things to become a better version of you, you will feel much more in tune with your natural, innate sense of confidence.

With all of these practices in place, you can be sure that your innate confidence will be strengthened like a muscle, helping you to live your life to the full with enjoyment and ease. Because you are awesome and to paraphrase Dave Grohl: nobody else is you, and that is your superpower.