4 Gift Ideas for the Pickiest Person You Know


Throughout the year, you will have certain occasions arise where it will be necessary for you to purchase gifts for family members and friends. You might very well have several people in your life with whom you are close and would know exactly what to get them for a birthday or other special occasion. However, most people have at least one friend in their life who is incredibly picky about the gifts they receive.

In the past, you might have spent some significant time (and money) on a gift for your picky friend only to find weeks later that it is still in the box. Some picky gift-getters even go so far as to return presents or exchange them for something else.

If you have a picky person in your life and are on the hunt for a gift that they will actually appreciate, here are four ideas to consider that will almost certainly live up to their particular standards.

1. Gift Vouchers

Why spend so much of your time shopping for someone when you both know that they would rather shop for themselves? A gift voucher is a perfect way to show someone that you care without wasting the energy on your part or theirs. You very likely know of a few stores that your picky friend likes to shop at, so pick out a voucher or gift cards from Gift Vouchers so that they can spoil themselves and get the gift that they truly want.

2. A Quality Hot Drink Tumbler

Practically everyone has a hot beverage that they enjoy regularly. Whether your friend is a daily coffee drinker or indulges in the occasional cup of hot chocolate when the weather turns cold, chances are that they will want a way to enjoy their favourite drink on the go. 

A quality hot drink tumbler is the perfect universal gift that will be appreciated by even the pickiest of people. This is because it is just as thoughtful as it is useful. It is also a more environmentally friendly way to have a hot drink on the go, so really everybody wins.

3. A Wine Aerator

Most people love a good bottle of wine, but few are willing or able to spend the money on a top-shelf bottle except on special occasions. However, with a top wine aerator, your friend can enjoy delicious wine that tastes expensive even when it isn’t. Properly aerating wine gives it a crisper, better quality taste. This is one of those gifts that will keep on giving.

4. A Nice Blanket

Is your picky friend also the friend who is always cold? Even if they aren’t, a classy and useful gift that anyone would love to get is a nice throw blanket. It can make any sofa instantly cosier and also add a comfy design element to anyone’s living room. This is another one of those things that most people don’t think to get for themselves and that you really can’t have too many of.