4 Car Accessories Suited To The Rich And Famous

Wealthy individuals can afford extravagances that the rest of us can only dream of. From vast mansions to private jets, a lot of the most exclusive and expensive possessions are made all the more appealing because they are completely customisable.

The same goes for cars, with many different accessories and adaptations available to drivers who have the bank balance to back up their automotive ambitions.

To give you a window into the world of car accessories suited to the rich and famous, here are just some of the more opulent options around at the moment.

Personalised Number Plates

Anyone can buy personalised number plates, so you might wonder what makes them the ideal accessory for well known, well off people. The answer is exclusivity; you can make a statement with a unique plate since the most unusual are also the most expensive.

The Bugatti Veyron F1

The number plate ‘F1’ which went on sale in 2018 for around £15 million is a great example. This means that celebrities and super-rich businesspeople can drive around in a car that is worth less than their number plate, which is quite an achievement.

Bespoke Rims

Like other car accessories for the rich and famous, the most prominent components that celebs choose to adapt tend to be those that will turn the most heads. And what better way to draw attention to yourself while cruising the streets than with a set of custom rims to replace the standard alloy wheels that come with most high-end cars?

Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has been at the forefront of the bespoke rims movement for years, often decking out her new automotive acquisitions with pink rims to match the paintwork. She has owned many pink vehicles with custom rims in her time, including a Bentley Continental, A Porsche Cayenne and a Mercedes-Benz S500 AMG.

Tracking Systems

This is not the most glamorous accessory that a car belonging to a public figure can feature, but it serves an important purpose, since if it is stolen then being able to track the vehicle and recover it could avoid a costly replacement.

Car tracking systems have become far more affordable in recent years, with the widespread availability of GPS technology making it cheaper to monitor the location of everyday automobiles. However, celebrities can expect the high-end manufacturers they choose to provide built-in tracker solutions that go above and beyond, such as the all-encompassing, app-controlled Porsche Connect.

Lady Gaga: “Drivin’ in my Bronco with my #MotherMonster Chain On…”

Bullet Proof Glass

For famous faces, sometimes an airbag isn’t enough to provide them with the protection that they need when out on the road. While heads of state that are potential targets for assassination can be expected to use cars that have bullet proof glass, it’s also an option for private citizens who have enough cash to splash and a good reason to request it.

From high profile CEOs to celebrities who want to visit parts of the world that are a little less stable, a vehicle with bullet proof glass like the Rezvani Tank, the Dartz Prombron Iron Diamond and even armoured examples of the Range Rover HSE should be the best choice.