3 Things To Know When Starting A Record Collection

By VanessaB

Vinyl records have become incredibly popular again in recent times. Many people have started collecting old records of their favorite songs or even purchasing new records that have been pressed by some of their favorite artists. These days, it’s becoming very popular for recording artists to release songs as vinyl records in addition to digital downloads and a regular CD.

If you’re looking to expand your music collection into records or just want to learn more about how to treat your limited edition records with care, then here are some tips to help you out.

Your gear is important for appreciating records

Don’t cheap out on your record player! There are far too many people who start collecting records but play them on a cheap device that is around the same price as a single record. These cheap record players are extremely bad quality and you may even risk damaging your precious records if you don’t pick something good.

Do a bit of research and spend some money on a good setup. This includes a good-quality budget turntable, a preamp, and even some great speakers. These three components will ensure that you get a great listening experience to help you appreciate your music collection. While you should expect to pay quite a bit for the entire setup, you can build it piece by piece and use budget options as stand-ins for now. However, we recommend at least starting with a good turntable so you don’t damage your records every time you play them.

You’re going to need a lot of storage space

Once you start collecting, you’ll quickly realize that you need a lot more space in order to store all of your stuff. Not only is storage important, but displaying them can also be important because you want to quickly be able to switch between records without going through stacks and stacks of records that you’ve collected.

This is where vinyl record storage comes in handy. This usually involves shelves, but you can also purchase boxes and cases to store your records. We suggest starting with a box or two to begin your collection, but you may want to expand to a dedicated shelf if you’re starting to amass a large record collection.

Taking good care of your records

Records are much more fragile than you might think. They’ll need regular cleaning and playing them too often with a low-quality turntable could damage them to the point of no return. If you’re going to start collecting and playing records, we highly recommend that you start looking into ways to clean and maintain them.

In most cases, this just means getting a simple cleaning kit and dusting off records if you’ve left them out for a while. However, you can avoid most of these problems by simply keeping your records in their sleeves and storing them in a safe location. You should also be careful of scratching with your records. DJing will eventually ruin records, so only scratch with a record that you have another copy of or don’t mind ruining. We definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it on a valuable record!


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