3 Things To Know About Buying Frameless Vanities

Are you fond of watching Youtube videos of those famed beauty gurus?

I bet you have noticed one or two of them doing their makeup in front of an elegant looking frameless vanity mirror with lights!

I don’t know about you, but it looks as if makeup is more flawlessly applied and skin looks clearer when you use those kinds of vanity mirrors. Vanity mirror with lights is probably the best friend of every makeup aficionado, well every girl really.

The lights permit you to inspect the tiniest pore on your face as you start your ten- step skin care. The brightness also gives you a clear and full view of your face as you groom your brows, put on your flawless foundation or apply concealer on that pesky little pimple on your cheek. Ready to buy your own vanity mirror yet?

Because there are various vanity mirrors available in the market, you may want to consider the following points below.

1.  Placement

Where do you plan on placing your mirror? Do you prefer to do your skincare routine in the bathroom or in your room? The placement is a big factor because the size of your vanity will depend on the available space of the room.

Do not go on a spree and buy the first vanity mirror that you see. You might also want to make sure which size first before you scout one because you might see something you like but turns out is too big or too small.

Since you prefer to buy the elegantly frameless vanity, you may also want to place it in a spot with fewer chances of getting bumped into. You wouldn’t want your vanity mirror to get cracked or shattered because you accidentally bumped into it.

2.  Lights On

Depending on your preference, there are various light bulbs to choose from to put in your vanity mirror. There are LED lights, light bulbs, USB port chargeable, battery operated ones or those plugged into the main power supply.

If you spend hours in front of the vanity putting on makeup and getting ready, you might want to consider choosing LED lights. Other than brightness and luminosity, lights give off heat. LED lights do not emit too much heat to cause problems on your eyes and hurt your skin.

3.    Design

Vanity mirrors come in many forms, shapes, and sizes. If you are considering of putting it in your room, before buying one check out which design would best mesh with your room theme. Do you have a Victorian- themed bedroom?

Then you would want to choose the vanity mirror with intricate designs. If you have a simple bedroom then a white, square frameless vanity would look best.

Remember to compliment your choice of vanity mirror may it be placed in your bedroom or in your bathroom. You would want your vanity mirror to stand out for all the right reasons and not because it doesn’t match your room.