3 Hot Styles to Try This Summer

Summer is here, and oh boy, has it been a hot one already. In this sweltering heat and these trying times it can be understandable if your fashion sense has devolved into a simple t-shirt and shorts combination. But with the days set to get a little bit more mild, there’s opportunity to play around with your style and look sleek either at home, or finally after six months, out in public. 

Here are some of the best styles to try this summer that will take you seamlessly into fall season too. 


Activewear has been a favourite during lockdown, due to its comfort and versatility, and is set to be a huge fashion staple during the post-lockdown hangover period. Activewear such as hoodies and tracksuits are great for those wanting to collate a more street friendly style and looks great coupled with a cap or other urban accessories. It can also be great for highlighting the best features of your body while reducing attention to problem areas, if you so wish.

Activewear can come in vastly different varieties to suit the personality of the wearer. Opt for dark and monotone to help create a slender and impressive silhouette, or for bright and bubbly pastel tones that create a soft and easy on the eye look perfect for summer.

To complete the look, you can always accessorise it with  sporty gadgets such as sports watches for women, which not only look great, but provide a plethora of useful functionality.

Chunky Boots with Dresses

This new style appears to have been borrowed from the alternative scene and has been a staple of many rebellious women in both reality and fiction (see Maeve Wiley from Sex Education to see what I mean.) The look creates a brilliant dualism that combines femininity with dominance and power, turning the outfit into more than just a look, but a statement. It may not be for everyone, as it is quite an ‘in-your-face’ look, but if you’re brave
enough, this is a great trend that is guaranteed to garner attention. This look works equally well with block colours as it does with bold patterns, but feel free to mix and match to add your own stamp of authenticity. It’s as powerful as it is fun.

Matching Tops and Stockings

This look is bold and eye-catching and can be used to easily create an intimidating persona as equally as it can create a cute look. There are a variety of different patterns and shades you can go for, and this look can work for pretty much any occasion. The stockings can be worn under shorts for a more casual look, or under a dress for those special occasions where you want to stand out from the crowd. The effect this paring creates makes the wearer appear sleek and more consistent, especially if the entire ensemble is built around one particular tone. It breaths colour and life into an outfit and is a perfect look to adopt this summer.