Scarlet Pleasure – 24/7 from Copenhagen Records on Vimeo.

Denmark childhood friends Alexander Malone (bass), Emil Goll (vocals & guitar) and Joachim Dencker (drums), collectively known as Scarlet Pleasure, unveil a slice of meaningful yet catchy pop, with new track 24/7 . A 3-minute sonic trip from Paris to Tokyo, where you find yourself in a catch22 situation…

Lead singer Emil Goll explains: “We’ve been portraying our very own generation on several songs. Searched for the truth, why we try to escape or at least bend reality with second life social media and endless partying combined with alcohol and drugs. On ‘24/7’ we confront the ultimate drug of them all – love! – and how easily it can effect and distort your life in so many ways.”

Bass player Alexander Malone adds: “Dolly Parton’s graceful voice is eternal, just like when the tremolo-guitar rides west on a Nancy Sinatra-song. We want our songs to represent that same energy so that the minute you press play you’ll think: Scarlet Pleasure. The three of us is the music, the DNA. Then we can add whatever flavor we’d like”