14 quirky gifts to surprise your partner with this Valentine’s Day

What if your partner in crime isn’t that traditional at all? You’ll want to get them a treat a little more off the beaten track.
26 January 2022

By Vanessa B

February 14th is the day to celebrate love and passion. Yes, it’s that time of year when you’ll find people giving each other gifts and waxing lyrical about their innermost feelings. And it’s right around the corner. 

But the traditional gifts of flowers and chocolates can become a bit stale. And what if your partner in crime isn’t that traditional at all? You’ll want to get them a treat a little more off the beaten track. One that still shows how much you love and appreciate them.

Here are 14 quirky gifts you can buy to show your partner how much they mean to you this Valentine. No matter what they’re into. 

For The Nerd: A Comic Book Subscription

If you have a special nerd in your life, you’ll want a gift that they can geek out over this Valentine’s Day. Whether they’re DC or Marvel, you can be sure they’ll scream with excitement at a comic book subscription. 

There are plenty out there you can choose from too. So once you know your better half’s favourite character, you can pick out the perfect comic book bundle. And a comic book subscription is a gift that keeps on giving. Perfect for the nerdy collector, they’ll receive a number of comics each month to welcome into the home. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. 

For The Magician: A Personalised Deck

There was a time in the not too distant past when it was intensely ‘uncool’ to practice magic – the ultimate nerd hobby. But, thankfully, we’re coming into an era when hobbies that were once considered oddball are becoming more mainstream and ‘cool’. And rightly so. Magic tricks and sleight of hand take a hell of a lot of skill to master. Show the magic enthusiast in your life some appreciation by gifting them custom playing cards this Valentine. 

Not only is it pretty awesome to receive a deck of cards that no one else in the world has, but the world is your oyster when it comes to personalisation. You could go romantic with pictures of you. Or incorporate other aspects of them with images of the many passions in their lives. 

For The Bookworm: One-Of-A-Kind Books

Nothing pulls on the heartstrings of a bookworm more than receiving a good book from their loved one. Ramp it up by purchasing a one-of-a-kind novel. Think: a first edition of their most-read book. Or an alternative book cover from their favourite author. 

Consider a book subscription service if your bookworm works through novels quicker than they can buy them. It’ll keep them busy with new books every month. And you can get some that send a new tea for them to try along with a new story to delve into. Because what book lover doesn’t love a nice cuppa too?

For The Adventurer: A Scratch-Off Poster

If your better half can’t sit still and is always searching for the next adventure, give them a challenge this Valentine’s Day. Scratch-off posters are perfect for people who twiddle their thumbs thinking of the thing to explore. 

You can opt for a poster that gives them new places to discover. Or maybe 100 classic films for them to watch. The best thing about this gift is that you can complete the list together. So not only does it sate their desire for new experiences. But it also brings you together as a couple as you explore and discover together. 

For The Foodie: Their Own Cookbook

If your partner loves to cook, they’ll love receiving a cookbook from their favourite author or chef. But what they’ll love more is to have all their own recipes in one, easy-to-find place. 

How many wannabe chefs have their how-to cooking guides strewn across the kitchen? Or worse, hidden in several places around the home. Bring them all together in their own personal cookbook. It’ll take some time to put together. But the look on their face when they open it on Valentine’s will be well worth all the hard work.  

For The Musician: A Mix-Tape

Maybe it’s time to go back to the 80’s this Valentine’s Day. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more to a music lover than a perfectly curated playlist. So bring together all their favourite artists in a mix-tape. 

You can choose songs that mean a lot to you both. Or you can take your loved one on a journey by creating a storyline with your creation. Thanks to modern technology, you don’t have to be restricted by putting it on an actual tape. Instead, choose a USB stick for ease and simplicity. But don’t forget. Half the fun of giving mix-tapes is writing out the song titles and covering the case with love hearts. So make sure you embrace 80’s tradition and get artistic with the cover. 

For The Gardener: A Beautiful Bonsai

One quirky gift is a beautiful bonsai tree. This is the perfect gift for the natural gardener in your life. A bonsai tree is a miniature tree grown and shaped by selective pruning of its branches and roots. This makes the tree small, bushy and with an overall dense appearance. 

Bonsais come in many shapes and species, so choose one that speaks to your and your partners gardening style. The best thing about them is they can last for years. A whole lifetime if you know what you’re doing. So it’ll become a cherished memory for your partner. The perfect Valentine’s gift. 

For The Gamer: A Vintage Console

Every gamer has their favourite console that they grew up with and fond memories of spending hours playing on. If your partner is a gamer, then level up your gift-giving game this Valentine’s with a vintage console.  

The retro consoles will always be in style and will be hugely appreciated by your game-loving partner. And there are updated mini versions on the market that house all the classics in one place. 

For The Writer: A Personalised Notebook

Some people may think that it’s not romantic to buy a new notebook for someone. But if your partner is passionate about writing, then it becomes romantic. Not only does it show that you love and support their dreams, but it also gives them a place to house all their precious ideas. Which is much preferred over notes scribbled on scraps of paper around the house. 

Go the extra mile and get your notebook gift personalised with their initials and the date. They’ll forever remember the Valentine’s you bought them the perfect notebook. And who knows, they might go on to write the next big novel or a news-breaking story in this journal. 

For The Photographer: A Polaroid Camera

Everyone knows how much photographers love their cameras. And how much they cherish the memories that those images bring back. If you want to get your photographer something off the beaten track, a Polaroid camera is the ideal gift to show them how much they mean to you.

Polaroids make the perfect gift because they create instant memories. And the film doesn’t come cheap. So every single image taken with them becomes special. You can create memories together that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. And there’s nothing more romantic than that. 

For The Artist: A Creative Challenge

The great challenge for any artist is coming up with new ideas. And there’s nothing worse than having a creative block. Help out your devoted artist this Valentine’s with an art-related challenge book to get the creative juices flowing.

You can get versions that provide a new, innovative prompt each day to help promote inspiration. Or one that helps them think outside the box with instructions to create and destroy. It’s a fun way to show your loved one that you value their creativity.  

For The Fashion Lover: Limited Edition Converse

There’s no beating around the bush. Anyone really into fashion can be challenging to buy for. That’s because it’s highly likely that they’ve got everything they’ve ever wanted from the fashion world. But everyone loves Converse. And anyone who loves fashion loves a limited edition item. 

Limited edition Converse make an excellent gift for your stylish other half because not everyone has them. And Converse gets better with time. They’re an investment. And if your loved one isn’t into Converse, opt for a limited edition product from their favourite brand instead. 

For The Crafter: A New Hobby

Crafty folks often love nothing more than getting their hands stuck into something new. So whether it’s tapestry making, ceramics, knitting, or wood whittling, they will appreciate a gift that helps them learn something new. And, thanks to two years being in and out of lockdowns, there’s no end to crafty gift boxes to choose from. 

You can purchase an introduction to almost any craft that includes materials and a how-to guide. And they all come through the post. However, if you want something more hands-on, go for a crafty class to get them interested in a new pursuit. 

For The Gym Lover: A Recovery Kit

Nothing shows your gym-loving other half you love them more than a kit to help soothe their aching muscles after a long workout. It’ll encourage them to look after themselves after a tough session. And you can use it as a romantic bonding session by massaging in calming creams.

Opt for high-end kits that will really work. Anything with CBD included will feel more luxurious and is excellent for healing aching joints.