13 Things Not To Avoid When Purchasing Breakdown Cover

Purchasing a breakdown cover is one of the most important insurance decisions you will make. Your decision when purchasing this cover will determine your experience when you and your family are stuck in a remote area during terrible weather. Or when you are in a rush to catch the train on your way to an important meeting. 

The type of help you receive; professional or amateur; efficient or tardy, is dependent on your decisions while buying your breakdown cover. E.g., look for the professional breakdown cover that primarily aims to fix your vehicle so you can continue your trip and won’t just tow your car to a garage.

Like every other insurance policy, there are a variety of types to choose from, provided by a variety of organizations. However, knowing how to decide what is best for you is a whole different story. 

To help you through this decision making, we have compiled a list of things to check off when purchasing your breakdown cover.

Things to check/do when purchasing a breakdown cover

  1. Does The Policy Cover The Vehicle Or The Driver?

With the possibility of having more than one car, purchasing a policy that only insures one car might not be profitable. Even if you have one car, there will be situations where you might have to borrow a car or rent one. I am quite sure you will want the same peace of mind you get when driving your car regardless of whose car you are driving. Also, you wouldn’t have to inform your breakdown service if you change your car.

  1. Should I Cover Myself Or Also My Whole Family?

If you are single, then there is no point in paying extra for the family cover. However, if you do have a family, then why purchase more than one cover when you can purchase a single policy that will cover everyone in the family. A lot of breakdown providers have deals that cover more than one car or driver. 

  1. What Happens When My Vehicle Breaks Down?

This is very important. I mean, what is the whole point of purchasing the cover if you have no idea how it works? The least to expect is a prompt, efficient, professional breakdown assistance. There should be a call centre which you can get in touch with so they can arrange qualified personnel to get to you as soon as possible. 

  1. What If The Car Can’t Be Fixed?

Now, it is time to have a good look at your recovery cover. Sometimes, the recover policy only allows your vehicle to be towed to your home or the nearest garage. The distance it can be towed to is normally stated in the cover and if it isn’t, you should always ask. 

However, bear in mind that you can always upgrade by purchasing a more comprehensive policy that will allow your vehicle to be towed to any destination of your choice. 

  1. Does It Only Cover Roadside Breakdowns?

Due to most breakdowns happening outside the home when you are on your way to an important meeting or work and also the fact that it is quite high-risk, most breakdown policies only cover roadside breakdowns. That is, you have to be a few ways away from your house before you can be covered.

  1. What Happens To You And The Passengers In The Event Of A Breakdown?

Imagine your vehicle breaking down in the middle of nowhere and you are either in a rush or its dark already, you clearly will need a solution other than just the repair of your vehicle which might take quite some time.

You need to confirm how you and the passengers will be taken care of in the event of such. Most policies will only offer the options of being taken home or to a local motel. A more comprehensive policy will give you’re the option of being taken to any destination of your choice.

  1. Is Accommodation Covered?

As mentioned earlier, in some situations you will be needing a warm place to crash in. You need to confirm that your policy covers accommodation for both you and your passengers in the event of a car breakdown.

  1. Confirming They Are As Good As They Are

Frankly, you can’t truly know how good an insurer is through adverts and website claims. It is only by actual experiences and testimonials of actual people. Also, checking if they have won any awards recently will go a long way in putting your mind at rest.

  1. Would You Be Getting Value For The Extra Payment?

This depends on you and what your time is worth to you. Typically, basic breakdown assistance should get to your quickly and most likely get your vehicle fixed on the roadside.

However, paying a little more for the family car breakdown cover would get them safely back on the road more quickly.

  1. What Types Of Vehicles Are Covered?

For your regular car, almost any breakdown policy will give you adequate cover. However, for vehicles like a trailer, motorbike, van, or any other type of vehicle, it might require more.

Before you purchase the cover, make sure it covers other kinds of vehicles and you are not required to pay more.

  1. Confirm Your Car Insurance Doesn’t Cover Breakdown

Before proceeding to buy a breakdown cover, make sure you are not just paying twice for the same thing as a lot of car insurance covers breakdown especially if you have a comprehensive insurance

  1. Compare Various Breakdown Covers

By comparing different breakdown cover providers, you can decide on a policy that gives you the cover you need for the best price. It will help you to get best breakdown cover quote within your budget.

  1. Are There Optional Extras?

Depending on your lifestyle, a basic car breakdown cover might not give you the maximum protection you require. A lot of providers offer extra covers like European Breakdown Cover, Battery Cover, Garage Parts, and Labour.

However, you have to note that if you would not be needing these extras you do not have any business purchasing them. For example, only add European Breakdown Cover if you plan on driving abroad.

Also, not all these extras are covered by every provider. Hence, the need to compare different providers before purchasing.

Deciding on the car breakdown cover you want to go for isn’t a small decision. As mentioned earlier, your decision will determine your experience in the event of a breakdown. Therefore, you need to take your time and make use of the above list to make sure you get the best breakdown cover for yourself.

Quality, professionalism, and efficiency will go a long way in turning a terrible day into a good one whenever your car breaks down.