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You may ask yourself…Is it a bird? Is it a UFO? Is it a next-level hoverboard? Is it a massive space rock, heading for Earth? Well maybe not, but whatever it is, it’s not tied down…

The good people at giffgaff has teamed up with director Chris Boyle and executive producers The Smalls, creating a series of snappy & quirky, flying-themed animation shorts, for their latest ‪#‎heyyou‬ campaign, singing the benefits of their no-contract, no-ties proposition. All to illustrate the pleasures of not being tied to annoying contracts.05_HistoryofFlight_EThe refreshingly bizarre videos, were produced to demonstrate that contracts are not the only way, because now it’s easy and straightforward to challenge the status quo of long, drawn-out and confusing mobile contracts…Check out the top 5 reasons why we should avoid them:

1. Being locked in for too long (68%)

2. Paying more than what they originally signed up for (32%)

3. Too much commitment (31%)

4. A waste of money (28%)

5. Mobile use changes so quickly (20%)