Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro in Casino - Daniel Craig as James Bond
Coming to the casino under or over dressed is definitely a mistake you don’t want to be caught making. Either you are up-to- date with the clothing requirement – if it’s a themed evening or you simply get your A-game on the check before stepping into the casino. The impression that people get from movies – always dress like James Bond whenever going to a casino – is absolutely wrong. There are times that casual shorts and a t-shirt would do.

The same mistake that women make is to dress up like one of James Bond’s ladies when following their man to a casino.

Of course, you can always stay at home and play free video slots online wearing your favourite shorts but what if a night at a real casino is inevitable? Sure, it is in the interest of a player to appear as good as possible – this has a couple advantages. The benefits include easy access to a cool casino party because of your look.

You should know that other individuals at the casino also invest some time into dressing right, so you shouldn’t feel lazy doing the same to look outstanding. Well, dressing well to a casino isn’t all about how much time you spend, rather than knowing how and what to put on. This brings us to stating a few mistakes to avoid when dressing for a casino night.Not knowing your grounds for visiting

This is a mistake people make not only when visiting a casino. Before deciding on what to wear and how to dress t any event, you should understand your reasons for visiting in the first place. Unlike most people think casinos are meant only for gambling, some people go there just to dine and wine.

There are various experiences offered in the modern casinos, so it is entirely your obligation to figure out beforehand what you are going there for. A gentleman interested in playing slot games can use casual smart outfits like a pair of pants and polo. You should take it a notch higher if you are planning to play high stakes poker.

Sharon Stone In Casino - Jim Sturgess in 21
Wear a silk shirt on a designer jeans or casual pant if your aim is to go partying.

Not knowing your personal preferences

In as much as some casinos have ideal dress codes based on cliche, the way a gambler decides to dress is entirely up to him/her. Take a high roller, for example, irrespective of how you dress, almost all casinos in town will open their doors to welcome you and serve you greatly. But if you are not a high roller, you should really think about sticking to the clothing requirement in order not to risk having problems at the gate.

Not knowing if the casino has a dress code

There are several casinos without dress codes; however, there are some that are only strict about this during raves, occasions and theme nights. In order not to have problems with this, it is better to check the website of the casino you want to visit beforehand and confirm what the clothing requirement for the night is.

In conclusion, for you to make the right impression and get a top notch service from the workers in the casino, you should avoid making these dressing mistakes. Decide what your purpose for visiting the casino is and then attentively consider your personal preferences before looking at the dress code requirement of that casino for that day.


WHY HIMHere's the hilarious trailer for WHY HIM?, starring James Franco as Laird and Bryan Cranston as Ned, directed by John Hamburg and produced by Shawn Levy, Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and Dan Levine, WHY HIM? will be arriving in cinemas on 26th December. “I think you might be insane”...

Over the holidays, Ned (Bryan Cranston), an overprotective but loving dad and his family visit his daughter at Stanford, where he meets his biggest nightmare: her well-meaning but socially awkward Silicon Valley billionaire boyfriend, Laird (James Franco). The straight-laced Ned thinks Laird, who has absolutely no filter, is a wildly inappropriate match for his daughter. The one-sided rivalry—and Ned’s panic level—escalate when he finds himself increasingly out of step in the glamorous high-tech hub, and learns that Laird is about to pop the question.WHY HIMwhy-him-quad_fotor



h-quinn-margot-robbieThis Halloween its more about Superheroes…Google Trends reported that Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn – played by the sultry Margot Robbie – is set to be the No.1 Halloween costume of choice this year and...even Holly Willoughby dressed up as Harley Quinn on Celebrity Juice’s Halloween Special.holly-willoughby-harley-quinn-itv2So...A team of Harley Quinns took to the streets of London to promote the forthcoming release of Suicide Squad: Extended Cut , out on digital download NOW and 4K, Blu-rayTM 3D, Blu-rayTM on 5th December.harley-quinns1harley-quinns2harley-quinns3harley-quinns4

Photos by Doug Peters/PA Wire | ITV2


dracula1aWhile we are all waiting for Halloween, let’s focus on… Transylvania’s Dracula. He lives in your darkest nightmares and feeds on your fear… and your blood. Now he is about to become very real. It's time to face your worst fears. This is #EscapeFromDracula...

To celebrate the launch of 'Dracula, Escape the Castle', INsight brought a live Dracula escape room experience to the House of Detention in London. The sold out event, used real puzzles and props from the show, flown in from Dracula’s castle in Transylvania, including a coffin, creepy dolls and skulls. Visitors were challenged to complete five tasks in a race against the clock before Dracula caught them. dracula2Hosted by renowned TV presenter, Brendan Moar, 'Dracula, Escape the Castle' series, features brave contestants from around the world as they race against time to complete complicated psychological tasks to escape Dracula’s infamous castle in Transylvania, before the Lord of Darkness traps them forever...dracula1Tune into INsight TV every Sunday at 10pm (Sky 564) for your weekly dose of horrific terror with 'Dracula, Escape the Castle'



tom-hiddleston-priyanka-chopra-julia-louis-dreyfusAs most of us know, the celebrity world moves at a serious pace, with new events and scandals happening hourly. Celebrities rarely disappoint the masses when it comes to big news stories, and lately, there has been no shortage whatsoever in the realm of celebrity gossip.

On that note, let’s take a look at some of the bigger news stories happening right now.

Eva Orsmond and Husband Split After 21 Yearseva-orsmondWell known celebrity doctor Eva Orsmond, and her husband of 21 years, Wyatt, has announced they are to split. The couple have two kids together, the youngest being Evan who is 17 years old, and the elder being Christopher, aged 19. Separations can be extremely tough on families and getting a Family Law Solicitor involved is recommended. Getting a professional who’s competitive and sensitive can ease the pain of the situation.

The Emmy Awards – Game Of Thrones Breaks Recordsthe-battle-of-the-bastardsWe already know that Game of Thrones is likely to be one of the best TV shows ever to grace our screens, and it seems that the awarding bodies agree. Just one episode of the last series, “The Battle of the Bastards” has managed to smash all records, taking home a momentous seven Emmy awards.This TV show never fails to surprise us, and it will be most interesting to see the direction it will take when it returns to our screens next year.

The Latest Celeb DUIdrink-drug-drive1Celebs are no stranger to controversy and, after all, they are only human. So when they get caught on DUI charges, they are immediately and embarrassingly cast into the wrong limelight (and for everything you need to know about drink and drug driving, the Solicitors Guru website is a great source of information).

The latest celeb to get caught out is Spongebob voice actor, Rodger Bumpass, who voices the character of Squidward in the kids TV show. Although the exact details are unclear, police have stated he was substantially over the legal limit, and almost fell after appearing unsteady on his feet.

Emmy Winner Julia Louis Dreyfus Reveals Dad's Passingjulia-louis-dreyfus-veepIn other Emmy related news, Julia Louis Dreyfus revealed to the world that her father William had passed away just two days before the event. Understandably emotional, Julia openly wept while collecting her award for Best Actress in a Comedy for her role in Veep at the 2016 awards ceremony, held in the Microsoft Theatre, Los Angeles, California this week.

Tom Hiddleston Steps out with Priyanka Chopratom-hiddleston-priyanka-chopraIn news that is sure to raise the eyebrow of one Taylor Swift, her former lover and Thor star, Tom Hiddleston, was seen stepping out in style at the Emmy Awards with former Ms World and actress,Priyanka Chopra.

The pair were said to look quite cosy together, and at one stage shared a kiss (albeit on the cheek). And although the couple left the party separately, it was only within a minute of one another. It will be interesting to see how this story develops.


bad-sant-2-2BAD SANTA 2 is coming to town...You better watch out for everyone's favourite anti-hero, Willie Soke.

Fuelled by cheap whiskey, greed and hatred, Willie teams up once again with his angry little sidekick, Marcus (Tony Cox), to knock off a Chicago charity on Christmas Eve.bad-santa-2Starring Academy Billy Bob Thornton, Tony Cox, Brett Kelly, the incredible Kathy Bates and the sultry Christina Hendricks, BAD SANTA 2 will be released in cinemas on 23 November.bad-sant-2-1Along for the ride is ‘the kid’ - chubby and cheery Thurman Merman (Brett Kelly), a 250-pound ray of sunshine who brings out Willie’s sliver of humanity. Mommy issues arise when the pair are joined by Kathy Bates, as Willie’s horror story of a mother, Sunny Soke. A super butch super bitch, Sunny raises the bar for the gang’s ambitions, while somehow lowering the standards of criminal behavior. Willie is further burdened by lusting after the curvaceous and prim Diane, played by Christina Hendricks, the charity director with a heart of gold and libido of steel.

BAD SANTA 2 will be released in cinemas on 23 November.



The X Factor1aThe X Factor has returned to screens again, and it’s back for its 13 th season. For many, this signals the countdown to Christmas, as the ending of the X Factor traditionally winds up with the winner of the talent show releasing a single, aiming for top spot of the Xmas charts. Let's take a look at what's different this year, and how things are looking for the future of this TV programme.The X Factor4New? More like In with the Old

This season sees the return of X Factor devotees, Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Nicole Scherzinger. And it's not only the judging panel that has reverted to the old and familiar. No longer hosted by the duo of Caroline Flack and former contestant Ollie Murs, Dermot O'Leary returns to once again front this beloved talent show.

How the Show Works

For those unfamiliar with the show format, contestants do not have to enter a Casino (like the reputable and engaging Apnet.com Casino) - to win big – this is a singing competition that starts out with an audition in front of the celebrity judges. If you get through this round, there is a knockout session.The X Factor5If successful here, you get put through to a stage called Judge's Houses, where the numbers are further whittled down. All of this is done in front of cameras and viewers are brought on a rollercoaster of highs and lows.

If one is lucky enough to get through these stages, they finally make it onto the live shows, which means they’ll have to perform in front of a studio audience, complete with a meticulously planned stage show, backing dancers, choreographed routines and special effects.The X Factor3The Magic – Has it Been Lost?

Early reports after the first week's show are that the viewing numbers are down on previous years. Normally, returning favorite judges would be enough to entice viewers back in their droves. This year, the numbers are well down on previous years. In fact, the show lost a half million viewers between the Saturday and Sunday shows alone this year.

Whether that bodes badly for the rest of the show or not remains to be seen. Not even APNET could provide an outlook for the rest of the show, as an emerging new star, or very special celebrity guest, could help turn things around quite quickly.

Former Winners – Where Are They Now?

The X Factor is one of those strange shows where the winner immediately has immense fame and success, selling record breaking amounts of their "winner's singles". But usually, they then drift off into obscurity. And for every Leona Lewis, who made an incredible career for herself, there are 3 or 4 who are never heard from again. This leads many to ask – "Where are they now". leona lewis2Unfortunately, the nature of the show is such that, when signed, many of the artists are whisked away for extended periods of time to record their album, and
can often be dropped by the record label before even releasing any new music again. Will it be the same blueprint again this year? Let’s wait and see.


AOcomTechnology is doing great things; it’s changing how we see the world, how we interact with it and is also having a huge impact on our entertainment and how we enjoy our favourite TV shows in the evening!

AO.com’s recent survey, looking into the nation’s TV habits, has uncovered some interesting stats. Mobile technology is changing how we watch telly, as 16% of us apparently watch more programmes on our smartphones, laptops and tablets than an actual TV set. This number could rise in the future, as entertainment services reach out onto more mobile platforms and broadband is readily available wherever we go.

Tech is also transforming our entertainment experience; as higher quality TVs and sound systems are being introduced we can enjoy the magic of that major event from the comfort of our own home. Take a look at AO.com’s findings in this infographic below and discover the nation’s telly habits for yourself.

The UK's TV Habits

Brought to you by ao.com


SUICIDE SQUAD EUROPEAN PREMIERE1Here's the must-see highlights of the star-studded SUICIDE SQUAD European Premiere in London's Odeon Leicester Square.

From director David Ayer, comes SUICIDE SQUAD - based on the characters from DC Comics - starring Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman and Viola Davis.
SUICIDE SQUAD EUROPEAN PREMIERE4SUICIDE SQUAD EUROPEAN PREMIERE3SUICIDE SQUAD EUROPEAN PREMIERE1aSUICIDE SQUAD EUROPEAN PREMIEREThe film also stars Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Ike Barinholtz, Scott Eastwood, Cara Delevingne, Adam Beach, and Karen Fukuhara in her feature film debut.

It feels good to be bad… Assemble a team of the world’s most dangerous, incarcerated Super Villains, provide them with the most powerful arsenal at the government’s disposal, and send them off on a mission to defeat an enigmatic, insuperable entity. U.S. intelligence officer Amanda Waller has determined only a secretly convened group of disparate, despicable individuals with next to nothing to lose will do. However, once they realize they weren’t picked to succeed but chosen for their patent culpability when they inevitably fail, will the Suicide Squad resolve to die trying, or decide it’s every man for himself?

SUICIDE SQUAD is released in UK cinemas on Friday



Sid and Nancy quadThe king and queen of punk are back! STUDIOCANAL share the 30th Anniversary trailer for the fully restored - supervised by cinematographer Roger Deakins - version of Alex Cox's cult classic SID & NANCY, starring Gary Oldman as punk icon Sid Vicious.

The 1986 cult classic - a vivid and shocking portrait of the mutually destructive drug-and-sex filled relationship between Sid Vicious and his American girlfriend Nancy Spungen - will be released in cinemas on 5th August via the ICO, and will show as part of The BFI's Punk.London Season to celebrate the film's 30th anniversary, and the 40th anniversary of the birth of Punk.

With an original soundtrack featuring punk and post-punk artists such as Joe Strummer (The Clash), and The Pogues, SID & NANCY is one of the defining films of the punk era.

It’s 1977 and The Sex Pistols have taken the music world by storm with lead singer Johnny Rotten (Andrew Schofield) and bass guitarist Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman – Tinker, Tailor Soldier Spy, The Dark Knight) enjoying all the spoils that fame and money have to offer. Vicious embarks on a relationship with an American groupie – Nancy (Chloe Webb – Shameless) - who has come to London to pursue him but the couple’s increasing drug use frays relationships with Johnny and the rest of the band.

With Nancy in tow, The Sex Pistols embark on a chaotic tour US tour which ends in disaster with the band breaking up. Vicious attempts to start a solo career, with Nancy as his manager, but by now both are dangerously addicted to heroin. The two continue in a downward, destructive spiral until, in October 1978 at the Chelsea Hotel in New York,Nancy is found stabbed with Sid lying prostrate at her side. Arrested and accused of murder, he dies of an overdose before his trial.


imageFinally! Here's the official Comic-Con trailer for the highly anticipated WONDER WOMAN, starring Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins. The film is scheduled for release on June 2, 2017

Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, when an American pilot crashes on their shores and tells of a massive conflict raging in the outside world, Diana leaves her home, convinced she can stop the threat. Fighting alongside man in a war to end all wars, Diana will discover her full powers…and her true destiny.imageJoining the stunning Gadot in the international cast are Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, David Thewlis, Danny Huston, Elena Anaya, Ewen Bremner and Saïd Taghmaoui.



Molotov Jukebox natalie2Game of Thrones star and Molotov Jukebox fascinating frontwoman Natalia Tena, talks to FM about life-affirming new single 'If I Knew' (out 29th July), and shares her thoughts on festivals & fiestas, Brazilian BBQs, summer work and getting dumped for the first time at Clapham South...

The stunning visuals, by Amo Jones, goes perfectly with equally vibrant track, lifted from the band's - Natalia Tena (lead vocals / accordion), Sam Apley (vocals / violin), Adam Burke (guitar), Tom Wilson (bass), Angus Moncrieff (trumpet), Rami Sherrington (drums) - second album 'Tropical Gypsy', released on Pause For Effect Records. Nice to e meet you Natalia...How are you today?

Good! This week Sam from the band is looking for houseboats for the next film I'm doing 'Don't Fuck Around with Love' (directed my Carlos Marques Marcet), which is exciting as one of them might be my new home after the shoot and we are gearing up to write new songs as well preparing for our Italy shows this weekend. Summer is the season of crazy work. Molotov Jukebox natalie1Let's talk about your new track and video 'If I Knew'. What is the idea behind it?

I was cycling home very late singing to myself at 4am and the verses just started happening in my mouth but with no flow. Next morning I went to Adam's house (our guitarist and producer) to fix it and give it structure. Adam got out of me what I was trying to say and added all the pieces together. It stemmed from this large Jamaican woman who consoled a drunk silly 17 year old me on my birthday (wearing a small mermaid outfit) after getting dumped for the first time at Clapham South. It's an ode to her.

You are a festivals and fiestas aficionados...What is one unforgettable tour memory?

Wow that is very tough...maybe playing the massive Circo Vador in Rio. It's was the biggest tropical party and the entire audience became our percussion with their clapping. Extraordinary. A few nights later on the same tour we had a night off and so decided to play a favela bar (which looked like the love child of Gaudi's architecture and the set of Star Wars) for moonshine cachaca and a Brazilian BBQ. It was a rowdy terrifying crowd but we got out alive to tell the tale.

Tell us everything we should know about 'Tropical Gypsy'.

'Tropical Gypsy is the genre we have made for ourselves, that then became the name of our album. It became a marker for writing and creating the songs, so that each piece was a chapter in the body of work that is the album. It's our attempt at fusing Latin American Calypso with Eastern European Balkanic influences.

You and the relationship with Game of Thrones' Wildling Osha...Do you watch yourself on TV and what you think about it...How often do you need to tell fans that you are actually Natalia and not Osha?

Unfortunately you have to watch yourself to learn from your mistakes so I've watched everything I've done once but it's not easy to do. I hide behind my hands, have a strong whiskey and hold my breath through it but it definitely helps you learn from your mistakes. I still haven't seen season 6 but I'm a binge watcher, so next time I get a day off I'll watch all 10 hours. I don't often need to correct fans on being Nat, I hardly ever get recognised, which makes life easy! Osha Game of Thrones1Is there anything you would do differently in your career?

Well other than working hard and trying your absolute best, you don't have that much decision in your career other than saying no to things that get offered - and I haven't regretted too many things I've said no too! Sometimes I've had to put music first and turned down great opportunities in acting and vice versa but that is the game if you are trying to juggle two jobs of that nature. So at the moment I'm just trying to keep going. I've been very lucky to have met great teams in both camps that really try and help make the other career work, which i'm immensely grateful for.

Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

I never know what to say with this question! Ah!! Okay well I was raised on 50's Rock and Roll, the Beatles and the Blues and in adolescence got into Jazz and great female vocalists like Etta James and Nina Simone. Acting wise you can't ever go wrong with Meryl Streep can you? She is literally a winner.

Which animal would best suit your personality?

A cross between a goat and an otter. A Goatter? Some sort of otter with hooves and horns that makes cheese?

What are your fondest musical memories, in your family house or neighborhood?

My mother playing guitar singing Spanish songs with my Dad and Auntie in 3 part harmony. Whenever the family did get together and come over from Spain, we would sing.

What kind of you music do you listen to these days?

When I go running I listen to rowdy hour long soundcloud mixes of Uproot Andy and Major Lazer but when I'm cooking, I sing along to Jazz and Loui Prima. I'm convinced singing at sauce gives it more flavour.

Molotov Jukebox Tour Dates
22/07 Fiesta Bombarda, Prince of Wales, Brixton - London - HEADLINE
23/07 Secret Garden Party, Huntingdon - MAIN STAGE
29/07 Kendal Calling, Kendal - MAIN STAGE
06/08 Lott Festiva, Raversbeuren - Germany
12/08 Lakefest, Eastnor, Herefordshire
13/08 BoomTown, nr. Winchester - MAIN STAGE
14/08 Elftopia, nr. ghent - Belgium - HEADLINE
01/09 Respublica Festival, Kamenetz-Podolsky, Ukraine - HEADLINE
03/09 Lindisfarne, Holy Island (North East) - HEADLINE
04/09 Lodestar, Cambridgeshire


By Fabrizio Belluschi ©FM


Chesterfields CollageWhen we think of the most famous seats that have appeared on TV, examples like the Simpsons’ sofa, the Iron Throne, Sheldon’s "Spot", the Central Perk sofa and Tom Cruise’s legendary outburst on national TV, instantly come to mind.

The good people at Distinctive Chesterfields - handmade furniture manufacturer based in Yorkshire - released this very handy list of 11 Celebrated & Iconic Seats and Sofas.

The Couch Gagsimpsons-1Would it be fair to say that this is the most famous sofa in TV history? The Simpsons’ sofa is guaranteed to appear in every episode without fail with its increasingly daring gags in the opening titles always ending on the simple brown sofa.

Viserys Targaryeniron throne“The breath of the greatest dragon forged the Iron Throne…the swords of the vanquished, a thousand them, melted together like so many candles.” Located in the Great Hall of the Red Keep beneath the seven-pointed star of the Faith of the Seven and commissioned by King Joffrey, Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne is perhaps the most iconic in the series, forged from 1000 surrendered swords.

Sheldon’s Spotbig-bangThe place “in a state of eternal dibs”, Sheldon’s Spot in The Big Bang Theory is the character’s specific seat on the left hand side of a simple leather sofa bought for $100 and is a central plot theme to various episodes in the series.

Central Perk Sofafriends-1The slightly tattered orange mohair sofa in Friends’ Central Perk coffee shop is the setting of so many iconic scenes and becomes its own plot device every so often in episodes such as The One with the Bullies when two men ‘steal’ the characters’ sofa.

Tom Cruise’s Couch Jumptom-cruise-1Oprah Winfrey’s couch on its own might not be quite so iconic, but add in the Tom Cruise “Couch Jump” in May 2005 as he declared his love for Katie Holmes and you’ve made an infamous sofa.

Wayne’s BasementwayneThe tatty Davenport style sofa, covered with a patchwork quilt and located in Wayne’s basement, is central to the plot of Wayne’s World, home to the TV show produced in that very basement on that very sofa. It’s the typical picture of American suburban youth in the early 90s.

The Black Chairmastermind - CopiaA simple chair to look at with black leather cushioning, clean lines and practical wheels, but under a spotlight in Mastermind’s studio and facing the intimidating host, it becomes The Black Chair, the symbol of the interrogation.

The Posh Onesthe-posh-onesGogglebox introduced the British public to a new cast of sofas to watch weekly, and the one that so often catches our eyes is home to the “Posh Ones” – Steph and Dom Parker – ending up as the celebrated scene in which Dom tumbled off the sofa after a full day of drinking.

Dr. Evil’s Villain Chairdr-evilWhat would an iconic seats and sofas list be without a good villain? And the most infamous of all is Austin Powers’ Dr. Evil’s chair, a parody of the original black leather Bond movie, You Only Live Twice, villain chair.

Boy’s Toystop-gearHome to the original Top Gear trio, the “Boy’s Toys” sofa is made up of old green leather car seats rumoured to be from a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

Bill & Louisebbc-breakfastThe sofa that the nation wakes up to every morning, other than their own, is the BBC Breakfast sofa, recently host to accusations of sexism and misogyny with Louise Minchin in the apparent ‘junior’ spot on the right of the sofa.

Images by Distinctive Chesterfields


Imagine Dragons1Imagine Dragons are a hugely popular band worldwide, although it may surprise you where they originated from and their roots. Well Imagine Dragon’s line-up consists of lead vocalist Dan Reynolds, guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben Mckee and last but not least drummer Daniel Platzman. All bands members come from America but the band itself originated in Las Vegas Nevada. The city Las Vegas, as well as producing the band Imagine Dragon’s is obviously most famous for the Strip and all the casinos that are placed on there, which many people go to find luck and fortune through many games including popular deal or no deal high or low game.

Unbeknownst to the band members they obviously didn’t know how successful they would become.

Early Years

Lead singer, Dan Reynolds and drummer at the time Andrew Tolman first met in 2008 at Brigham Young University where they were both students. They then added Andrew Beck, Dave Lemke and Aurora Florence to play guitar, bass and piano in their starting-out band. Before Imagine Dragon’s their name was Anagram. 2008 was a big year for them as they released an extended lay titled Speak to Me, Two members Beck and Florence also left that year. The following year Tolman recruited his high school friend Wayne Sermon to play guitar. Imagine Dragons2Lemke then decided to leave the band which is when Ben Mckee joined as a bassist. The band collected a huge following in their hometown Provo in Utah before they moved to Las Vegas, where they recorded and released their first three Eps. In Vegas they also managed to get their big break, when another group fell sick at Las Vegas Festival 2009. Imagine Dragons performed in front of a crowd of more than 26,000 people, where they were positively received. Tolman then decided to leave and Daniel Platzman replaced him in 2011.

Initial Success

The band finished recordings it debut album; Night Visions in the summer of 2012 inside Palms Casino resort and released the album in the U.S on Labour Day the same year. It gained a huge interest and peaked at No.2 on the Billboard 200 chart with first week sales in excess of 83,000 copies; the highest charting debut rock album since 2006. Their second album Radioactive reached No.1 on Billboard Alternative songs, Billboard Rock Songs and Swedish singles chart and sold more than 7 million singles in the United States.

Recent Years

While Imagine Dragons were on tour they released two non-album singles, Roots was released in August 2015 and 'I was me' in October the same year. Their Smoke and Mirrors tour ended this year in Amsterdam. This year the band have also created a few songs that have featured on film soundtracks including a song called 'Not Today from Me Before you'.

The band is also set to appear on the soundtrack for the upcoming film Suicide Squad, the song is titled Sucker For Pain and it features various other artists; Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Logic, Ty Dolla Sign and X Ambassadors.


Cristian MJCBig Brother 2015' tv star Cristian MJC, shares this clever remix, courtesy of No Rules, of his massive debut tune ‘True Colours’ featuring The Voice finalist, Black Eye Pies-approved Lucy Lydia and produced by Darren Martin.
'True Colours' is out 12th August. On his life's ups and downs, rapper
singer/songwriter/athlete/model/medical student Cristian MJC (born Matthew James Clarkson), reveals: ‘Music really helped develop my ambition and passion when I was going through a rough time at school. I wrote True Colours when I was 16, just when I started to feel confident in my own style. It’s about falling for a friend and the video features my girlfriend Jasmine who I fell for on Big Brother last year.’

Live shows:
July 17th - Newcastle Pride (Main Stage 17,000)
July 28th - Summer Jam @ Nottingham Motorpoint Arena (Alongside Chipmunk, Section Boyz, Paigey Cakey & Geko)
July 31st - Boxpark Live @ London
August 12th - O2 Academy Live PA



Ellis-robert-de-niroForward-thinking artists Nils Frahm & Woodkid, unveil this dazzlingly powerful and poignant clip, taken from their soundtrack from the short film ‘Ellis’, directed by JR, written by Eric Roth and starring legendary actor Robert De Niro. ‘Ellis’ is about NY's Ellis Island immigration station...the gateway to America. For some twelve million people, it was their first encounter with the land they hoped to call home.

‘Ellis’ score is released on July 8th via Erased Tapes. All proceeds are to be donated to Sea-Watch charity for the protection & rescue of civilian refugees.

Nils Frahm says: “The opportunity to work on JR´s fantastic short film ELLIS came through my good friend Yoann aka Woodkid. We agreed on recording the piano parts in my studio in Berlin and so it happened that JR and Woodkid were guests at Durton studio on a wonderful late summers day in 2015. We managed to record all the crucial elements that day. The music fell into our laps and melted with the images: a wonderful experience. The film has stuck in my head ever since; it moved my heart and changed my soul.

A couple of weeks later I had to cancel a trip to Brussels because of a terror warning; all events got cancelled and I stayed home, having an unexpected day off. I felt rather depressed that day, thinking that the Europe I knew was already gone. I sat down at the harmonium, listened to Robert De Niro’s voice and played for the rest of the day. The result is ‘Winter Morning II,’ the B-side of the ELLIS soundtrack release.

Robert says it all in 17 minutes. We are not facing a refugee crisis. We are facing a crisis because we do not embrace, we do not sympathise and we cannot give up fear. Art can encourage so I hope this project will help fight the fear in all of us.”

Yoann Lemoine, aka Woodkid adds: “Ellis is my second collaboration with JR after the New York City Ballet piece for Les Bosquets. I initially wanted this piece to sound like it was recorded on an old piano that we found in the ruins of Ellis Island, in the restricted area that is not open to the public, where JR pasted the pictures on the walls for the film Ellis.

I had worked with Nils before and I wanted him to create a sound for this piano part that I composed that was extremely gentle and organic. I wanted the listener to hear the mechanisms, the breathing of the instrument. I wanted it to be imperfect, to sound like a ruin, a trace, an echo, the way the pastings on the walls seem to be ghosts, almost imperceptible.

After a few rehearsals, Nils stripped down my piano parts and we removed almost all orchestration around the piano. He then worked on the extended version that is his interpretation of my piece, with Robert de Niro’s vocals.

Because this film and this recording is historically meaningful, it was important for us to create this piece as an echo to the immigration situation in Europe, and decided to release it in support of Sea Watch.”



Naomi_Scott_1London sweetly talented singer, songwriter and actress Naomi Scott, drops 'Lover's Lies'. A slice of her enticing electro soul paradise, written while she was filming ‘The 33’ with Antonio Banderes and ‘The Martian’ alongside Matt Damon.

Speaking about the stunning tune, lifted from Naomi’s new EP ‘Promises’, she said: “Lover's Lies is a song about loving someone who has been hurt. Trying to help them rediscover those feelings that they have suppressed as a result of a previous betrayal they encountered. We used the layered harmonies coupled with rhythmic drum patterns, to invoke a coaxing hopefulness that would encourage a distressing situation to a place of renewed optimism.”Naomi ScottIn other news...The lovely Naomi has a starring role in the upcoming Power Rangers movie reboot, where she plays Kimberly, the Pink Ranger.



BlackfishAs well as being entertaining, the medium of film is an excellent way to get people talking. Several documentary films have sparked positive impact by sharing new ideas or bringing hard-hitting issues to the forefront. One recent example of this would be Blackfish.

The same effect can be applied to conspiracy theories – film is an opportunity for people to think twice about swallowing the ‘facts’ that were given to us, and hopefully invoke the same kind of positive action that Blackfish brought about.

Play devil’s advocate, and take in some of these hard-hitting films.

Missing (1982)

A tale of government corruption, Missing is a historical drama that follows the real-life kidnapping Charles Horman – an American journalist who disappeared during the 1973 Chilean coup that was backed by the US to depose the democratically elected socialist, Salvadore Allende.

This film acts as a showcase of government corruption, the frivolous ways human lives are dealt with by the people higher up.

This film was banned outright in Chile during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet, even though the film primarily follows Charles’ wife and father investigating Charles whereabouts and doesn’t make mention of Chile or Pinochet.

They Live (1988)

Although quite silly, and often times cheesy, this film is not only enjoyable, but explores the ideas of subliminal messaging in mass media, and the idea that a higher elite race is secretly keeping control us.

Subtlety isn’t the films strong suit, with ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper playing the homeless protagonist, who happens upon a box of special sunglasses which show the rich, upper class as grotesque aliens. Every billboard and magazine throughout the city is emblazoned with subliminal messages such as “Obey”, “Stay Asleep” and “Marry and Reproduce”.

A fun film that’s guaranteed to spark conversation on the divide in our class, and the way we as people blindly follow the orders of our superiors.

JFK (1991)

The Oliver Stone film JFK, based off of the book On The Trail Of The Assassination by Jim Garrison, follows a recreation of Garrisons investigation and the events before and after John F Kennedy’s assassination.

Jim Garrison, played by Kevin Costner, reopens the case of Kennedys murder after reading the Warren Report and finding many inaccuracies, which leads to suspicions of a conspiracy theory. Many key people surrounding the assassination are interrogated to ascertain the truth behind one of the most prolific assassinations of all time.

The film explored the lies that were told to the public at the time of the murder and explores several differing conspiracy theories surrounding the murder, like the magic bullet and grassy knoll theories.

Although it was met with some very scathing reviews and the film itself became wrapped up in controversy when links to a supposed coup d'état were implied, the film ultimately succeeded at the box office, and asks poignant questions that still haven’t been fully answered to this day.davidicke Many public speakers such as David Icke do what they can to spread the word about the widely overlooked issues plaguing modern life, and the supposedly controversial ways in which they can be easily be explained.

Film as a medium reaches a much broader demographic than books and public talks, making it a brilliant means of getting the truth noticed and discussed.



Vince Donvito3FM talks to Bronx, NY's actor Vince Don Vito, who plays Marco Marconi in 'How to Beat a Bully', a charming family comedy with an anti-bullying message...The movie won 'Best Feature Film' at the L-Dub Film Festival in Florida.

Where are you originally from, Vince?

I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY.

When did the acting bug bite, Vince?

I was always singing and trying to do imitations as a very young kid. In grammar school I performed in all the talent show and plays.

Can you recall your first role?

I played the lead role in a production of Godspell in the 8 th grade. It was a blast. Over 30 years later classmates will still comment on how much they enjoyed my performance.

My first “professional” gig was a 1-day gig on a soap opera. I earned my AFTRA card but the AFTRA initiation was more expensive than the pay from the soap.Vince Donvito1Did get the check framed?

Sadly, no since it all went to my AFTRA initiation.

It must have been exciting when you started getting gigs on shows like Seinfeld and CSI: NY! Is that when you knew it was “working”?

I feel as though I’ve had a career in two parts. I did Seinfeld and CSI: NY about 15 years ago. I actually left the acting world to start my own business. I’ve owned and operated one of the largest Children’s Karate programs in Los Angeles until 2012.Vince Donvito2Do you consider yourself a character actor?

Most certainly! I play the tough mobster and the other extreme, the brainy, nerdy guy. It’s so much fun to see what a pair of glasses does to my face!

What kind of parts are you usually offered?

As I mentioned a moment ago, I have quite a range as an actor. In the last few projects I’ve played a Jewish uncle, a Russian father, a Hispanic business owner, an angel and yes a few mobsters!

How did you end up doing kids film and television?

Sometimes you just get lucky! I have a passion working with kids (for many years as a karate instructor). It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to be a part of “How to Beat a Bully”

What was the appeal of “How to Beat a Bully”?

“How to Beat a Bully” is a clever, funny and heartwarming family film. It appeals to kids and adults alike.

Did the filmmakers encourage improvisation? Or were the gags all there on the page?

Most of the gags were on the page but I had a few funny improvised lines that are in the film.

Is it fun playing bad guys?

Like being a kid in a candy store! You get to completely misbehave and your mom doesn’t get mad at you.

What would be the ultimate role for you?

I would love to be the modern day Mr. Rogers. I think the world needs a “Mr. Rogers” again and I’m the guy.

'How to Beat a Bully', is now available at Walmart stores and also online at iTunes, Vudu, Google Play and Amazon.




HUSTLER MOVIESFor a comprehensive review of the best internet casinos in the UK, a comparison site by casinoreviews.co.uk, can help you with that. But If you are looking for the coolest gambling movies of all time, this list of the top 5 films - which I have seen (several times) and loved myself - is dedicated to all games, gambling, poker or Las Vegas aficionados...and non.

Casino (1995)CASINO CollageMartin Scorsese's masterpiece, is a spectacular adaptation of Nicholas Pileggi's book. Casino is a fascinating and sleek film dealing with greed, deception, money, power, murder and a trophy wife. Robert De Niro as low-level mobster Sam "Ace" Rothstein, Sharon Stone as his ex-hustler wife Ginger and Joe Pesci as loose-cannon enforcer, shine in Scorsese's timeless story of crime and punishment.

‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ (1998)Fear-and-Loathing-in-Las-Vegas1 (1)Terry Gilliam's psychedelic black comedy road film ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, is the astonishing movie adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's novel of the same name. Starring Johnny Depp as bizarre journalist Raoul Duke and Benicio Del Toro as Duke's psychopathic attorney Dr. Gonzo, the cult movie shows, in a skewed and altered fashion, the stoned duo's wild trip in a red convertible, across the Mojave desert. A brazen search for the American Dream in Las Vegas...

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)Lock StockGuy Ritchie's Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, is the brilliant London-based crime comedy, about a miscalculated card game linked to four friends, local thugs and hard gangsters, all clashing with each other in a series of surprising events..."all for the sake of weed, cash and two antique shotguns". The incredibly entertaining film with Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher, Nick Moran, Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones and Sting, also includes one of the best poker scenes ever...

Cincinnati Kid (1965)The Cincinnati KidLegendary movie and TV superstar Steve McQueen, one of the sexiest and toughest “leading men” of all time, is young high stakes poker player Eric Stoner, in gripping Norman Jewison's cards-drama 'Cincinnati Kid'. Also starring Ann-Margret, Edward G. Robinson, Karl Malden.

The Hustler (1961) The Hustler2If 'Cincinnati Kid' is all about poker, the world of professional pool is portrayed in the iconic and unforgettable movie 'The Hustler', directed by Robert Rossen from Walter Tevis' 1959 novel of the same name. The story follows pool shark and ultimate antihero "Fast" Eddie Felson, majestically played by Paul Newman, on his ambitious route to challenge legendary pool player Minnesota Fats (played by Jackie Gleason) for his world title...



bill sorvino 3Bill Sorvino isn’t just one of New Jersey’s most notable actors, he’s the founder of the Golden Door International Film Festival (Sept. 22-25), with his wife Michele as festival's executive director and his cousin, Academy award winner Mira Sorvino and his uncle, legendary actor Paul Sorvino, on the board...Paul Sorvino Bill Sorvino and Michele SorvinoActing is obviously in the blood, Bill. Was it a given you’d enter the family business?

No, I was actually bent on being a musician! I always thought I wanted to do my own thing. My first entertainment experience was being a signed singer/songwriter. I pursued that for several years with some success playing all over the NY area and recording a few songs with a small record label. When my daughter was born I had an epiphany and decided to pursue acting. It was one of the best days of my life. I guess it really is in the blood!

Did you spend a lot of time around uncle Paul Sorvino as a youngster? How much did his involvement in the arts spur your interest?

My uncle calls me his second son, and indeed he is very much my second father. We spent all of our young years with uncle Paul and his kids (my cousins) Mira, Michael and Amanda. We are pretty much like brothers and sisters. He was my artistic mentor since I was very young. My own father is not involved in the arts so my uncle was there to guide my creative soul. Paul and Billy SorvinoHas he been encouraging? What ways has he been helpful?

It’s funny, when my wife was pregnant with my daughter my uncle lived on a farm in Pennsylvania and that spring/summer I was spending a lot of time with him. We kind of reconnected after he was of out of the loop for a while for various reasons. It was a magical time for me. I was expecting my daughter and felt like I was on the precipice of a new chapter in my life.

My uncle was very much a part of the support that spurred the epiphany to enter the acting profession. I always say that my acting mentor is one of the best actors of all time. I am truly blessed to have him in my life. His feedback and input is large reason why my acting continues to expand and improve.

Have you worked with any of the family on anything?

Yes, a few films actually. We were all in a film called The Trouble with Cal. I also worked with my cousin Michael Sorvino, as director and co-star on a short film called In The End. Michael won Best Debut Director at the Beverly Hills Film and New Media Festival. My co-lead in that was Domenica Cameron-Scorsese! She’s a doll and a huge talent as well. In fact they just premiered a film at Tribeca Film Festival called Almost Paris which Domenica directed and Michael co- starred. He’s great in it and it’s a great film.

You work with your wife Michele though – on a film festival. What can you tell us about that?

She’s the only person I could have trusted to take the festival to the next level. Her drive and passion is second to none. Her heart is devoted to our continuing mission and she is truly the engine that drives the festival. My role as president is mainly to keep the festival on a track that I feel is the best possible way to serve the film community and the local community in addition to our philanthropic mission to raise autism and disabilities awareness.Golden Door InternationalThe films that play, are they mostly from the New Jersey region?

No, we receive submissions from around the globe. It’s just amazing to see the far flung locales where some of our films hail from. Of course we receive films from the local area but surprisingly this is a much smaller component than you would think.

Who gets to pick what plays – you or Michele?

Neither! We have a huge team of about 20 board members and we all collaborate to decide which films we accept. It is truly a group effort.

And who judges the films? Is there a board?

We have a jury system comprised of film industry professionals. The work is judged by the filmmakers’ peers as it should be.

A lot of the proceeds from the festival go to a good cause...

Yes, we are deeply active in raising Autism Awareness and the local community. We award scholarships to Autistic filmmakers, to filmmakers of films centered on Autism and to promising students in the arts in the Jersey City public education system.

Any we’d be remiss to ask you about your acting. What can we see you in next?

I have two amazing films coming out in the next few months I was fortunate enough to be the leads in. One is “Who’s Jenna…?” which just had a VIP premiere to a rousing success. Lines around the block! The other is called “Mommy’s Box” and that premiered in the Manhattan Film Festival to a sold out crowd and won Best Feature Film there. Both are in talks for distribution which should take shape by the fall.

We are having an NYC premiere of “Who’s Jenna…?”in August and an LA premiere of “Mommy’s Box” in September. Lot’s of excitement surrounding these two films I feel so fortunate.




RAE OLIVIER2'House of Good and Evil' star Rae Olivier, talks to FM about her latest science-fiction thriller, the Eric Blue-film 'Beacon Point', which is premiered at the world famous Chinese theatre for Dances with Films festival. And she shares her thoughts on singing and dancing with Billy Crystal and Carol Burnett on Jay Leno’s last show...

You had the honor of working with Billy Crystal. What was that for?

That’s right, I did! That was actually a job I got thanks to my dear friend Tim Davis. It was Jay Leno’s last show, and the number was a surprise goodbye for Jay. We did a rewritten version of The Sound of Music’s “So Long, Farewell,” and I got to sing and dance back up for Billy and a bunch of other awesome people too. Carol Burnett was part of that line up as well, and I LOOOOVE her so I was really excited about that. It was definitely a throwback to my musical theater days!RAE OLIVIERSo you’re both a singer and an actress. Do you prefer one over the other?

I do sing! And it makes me so, so happy, but has sadly taken more of a backseat to acting for quite some time now. I was a theater major at NYU, so did a lot more acting than singing while I was there. I don’t think I prefer one over the other. I genuinely love both. I definitely have more experience acting, so have been focusing a lot lately on bringing music back into my life. I’ve been learning guitar for about a year and a half now, and plan on going back into voice coaching.RAE OLIVIER beaconpoint1Did the producers of “Beacon Point” let you sing - or just off-camera?

HAHAHA! That’s funny. Definitely not on camera…and generally off camera you have to keep things pretty quiet. I’m pretty much humming all the time though, so I’m sure people might have caught some. One day after we wrapped, I remember our producer Matt Ackerman blasting Beck from his car in the parking lot. I’m pretty sure I was singing then...

Who do you play in that?

I play Zoe, a young real estate agent who quits her job and decides to hike the Appalachian Trail — partly for herself, and partly for her father, who has passed away.RAE OLIVIER beaconpoint3The film shot in your hometown, I believe? So you got to stay back home for a while and catch up with everyone while shooting it?

YES!! It was great. I was on set most of the time and we worked 6 days a week, so I didn’t get much down time, but did spend an extra week with family after we wrapped. Also, my brother and mom were able to come to set which they’ve never been able to do, so that was really cool for them.

What can you tell us about the Dances with Films festival?

This is the third feature I’ve had at the festival, and they’ve always been really great. The last time I went, for 'House of Good and Evil', I got an all access pass and was able to see many more of their selections. I was really impressed with a lot of what I saw and I think it’s wonderful to have a festival that caters to newcomers. It seems that more and more often, you have to have a big name attached for your film to be recognized. There are so many wonderful, undiscovered artists out there, and Dances with Films gives them a really great platform to showcase their work.RAE OLIVIER beaconpoint2How tough is their selection process? Do you know?

I really don’t know much about what goes into it, but I know they get a lot of submissions and am happy and grateful we were selected.

It’s playing at the world famous Chinese theatre. That’s going to be exciting, right!?

For sure! It’s a beautiful venue with a lot of history.

Have you ever had a film of yours play there?

This will be my third feature to screen there. My first was 'Transatlantic Coffee', my second 'House of Good and Evil', and now 'Beacon Point'!

Now, it’s screening at 11:45 PM at night, does that mean the costumed heroes that stalk Hollywood Boulevard will all be in bed by then? So you guys will be able to sneak in without getting asked for ten dollars?

HAHAHA I hope so!