Laura Lamn shares ‘Boyfriend’ video

The excitingly talented Laura Lamn, introduces the suitably lush video, for her catchy and jumping hip-house number ‘Boyfriend’, which is produced by S2_COOL, like this…:“I wanted to make the video vibrant, silly and fun. Pink and yellow seemed the perfect summer colour combo to tie the video together. My favourite scene was with the two guys with pink balaclavas. My friend is a dog whisperer and he provided that huge dog for that scene and it was so well behaved.”

On her special “ode to teenage love”, she says: “This is the first song where I wrote the lyrics purely whilst roller skating. It was a sunny day in Springville and I was doing laps of the skate park in my Moxis, whilst listening to the beat S2_COOL sent me. At the time I was lost in a dizzy teenage wash of infatuation and the lyrics came from that excitable and magical place.”