Chances are, you’ve heard her beautiful, haunting voice on one of Robot Koch’s records. Or, perhaps, it was on a collaboration track with fellow experimenter and Project Mooncircle native – Long Arm. Last year, under the moniker Smpl Thngs, she also released a beautiful series of meditations on the imperfections of daily life and then followed it up with a record of Latin and South American traditionals.

The point is, Graciela María is an inspired soul and an ever evolving galaxy of mesmeric sound. Which is why we feel very privileged to be able to premiere the video to 'Arab Prince', the first single from her third full LP – 'Love Letters to Strangers' – slated to drop next week.

The video was directed by long time friend and collaborator, the very talented Miren Oller. The LP was recorded in a secret location in Berlin and was produced by Graciela María and Lars Kirchbach.


London based singer/songwriter Greta Isaac, shares this sultry and darkly enticing track, called ‘You’.

Greta explains: "'You' is an exploration into obsession and infatuation… The character is infatuated with another person to such an extreme that she abandons her own identity to embody the other person. She quite literally wants to BECOME them. It’s about how a simple little obsession can develop into something destructively extreme."


Josh Wheatley premieres with FM, this clever remix of his alternative pop bliss called ‘Runaway’, courtesy of Nottingham finest Dog Is Dead (D.I.D.)

Wheatley's precious debut track, which is produced by Ed Turner, "encapsulates a person’s deepest fears, and follows the battle they go through to escape. Be it love, depression, anger and whatever else can keep someone trapped inside..."

Josh Wheatley’s Runaway remix package comes out this Friday 24th March and includes also remixes from Akira The Don and Deuce & Charger


With a fetchingly fresh combine of Caribbean and African vibes, debut track 'Beautiful Human', is the ideal introduction to Elyar's sonic world.

The London based singer/songwriter, explains: “I was getting close with someone who wanted the relationship to be something more, but at that moment in time I wasn’t ready to commit to someone again...I knew I couldn’t give her what she needed and so we saw less and less of each other until eventually we stopped talking altogether. I wrote ‘Beautiful Human’ as an explanation, more to myself than anything...My only intention with my music is to be true and connect with others in the way my favorite artists connected with me.”



Not long ago, Paramore led the pop punk invasion, all shouty lyrics, attitude, colourful hair and agreeable sing-along choruses that fused teeny bopper pop and fist-in-the-air rock. It was a genre that burst into life as quick as it (seemingly) ended but huge bands like Paramore and the cult of Hayley Williams have endured nevertheless via a sellable look and sound. However, there’s always room for more and Tokyo Taboo bring that same energetic vibrancy but with a message.

The London duo’s debut album, ‘6th Street Psychosis’ is the band’s statement of intent. Sure, the sound is a little borrowed from the pop punk bands of the last decade, especially on their bratty track ’N.A.R.C.I.S.M’ but their ace in the hole is the politicised anger and frustration behind Dolly Daggerz lyrics.

'Pussy Power’ begins “just a girl, just a slut”, a comment on how we view women in the public eye. Dolly is brazen, she’s uncompromising and pushes her sexuality and feminism to the forefront of Tokyo Taboo in every sense, giving the band an extra dimension that make them stand out. There are certain tracks on the album that feel a little staid, however - ‘Make It Out Alive’ definitely tries to channel a more Deap Valley-esque feel but falls a little by the wayside.

When the band do epic, catchy choruses and hard hitting riffs, they are undoubtedly, at their best but if they want to remain relevant and thought of, a more angular, honed musical direction that’s not dipping from that mid noughties sound (and look) may be the way to go.


By Stanley Lefèvre


Perez Hilton-approved homegrown singer/songwriter MRJ - Matthew Russell Jones - premieres on FM the stunning video, produced by Jay Parpworth, for his splendidly catchy and sweetly personal pop track entitled ‘Bliss’. MRJ wrote ‘Bliss’ as "a positive awakening from a bitter heartbreak...".

The ‘one-shot’ video, was filmed in double time in Kent and tells the story of a gay man, experimenting and juggling with heterosexual love and finally realizing where his true happiness lies. It’s the story of MRJ.

The debut single ‘Bliss’ comes with a smart remix and is released via Ditto Music on 14 April.



WOLF KASH - North London brothers Jordan and Harry Saward - release their first EP 'Slow Burn' on 17 March. The EP's title track is the ideal prelude to their gleaming and emotive electro-pop touch.

Jordan explains: "'Slow burn' was written over Christmas 2016. This track just came together in the studio but it sounded toodigital. We really wanted it to feel like a forgotten about record at the back of a vinyl shop. We re-recorded everything through analog gear and ran it through tape. Once we did that the track just came to life. Supervisual sound that oozes emotion."



"avoid eye contact you want me I know it's a fact.."

‘Spun’ by Stockholm’s self-styled modern diva Ängie, serve as the perfect follow tune to her brazenly sultry gems ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’ and ‘Housewife Spliffin’. The new silky number is a chilled club anthem about love, the joys of sex and...getting high.

Ängie plays at the ‘Gold Dust’ club night at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on April 5th.

Photos by Mohave / Christofer Nilsson


The Scottish four-piece The Phantoms - Colin Simpson (vocals/guitar), Euan Crowe (lead guitar), Blair Cullen (drums) and Zach Tarimo Goodhur (bass) - unleash "soaring, stadium rock", with their new single 'Shadows', out on 21st April.

Hi The Phantoms, how are you today?

Yes we are fantastic, all good vibes

Can you please introduce the band and what you play?

My name's Colin Simpson I am lead singer and guitarist for The Phantoms. We are a band based in Scotland.

Your new single ‘Shadows’ is out next month, can you tell us a bit about what inspired the track?

I think it’s about someone being stuck in the same old routine. Then one day leaving someone they love behind and finding it difficult.

Has music always been a big passion of yours?

I have always grown up with music; it has all been played in the house since I can remember. That passion just grows and builds as you get older.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Soaring, Stadium rock.

If you could collaborate with any other band/artist living or dead, who would it be and why?

I would love to collaborate with Catfish And The Bottlemen or Kasabian, I think we would smash it. 'cause I can write a not bad chorus.

You’ve been likened to noughties legends Kasabian, who would you describe as your main musical influences?

Yeah they are one of the main ones for sure. However Foals, Oasis, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Joy Division are all on my sleeve.

You’ve already built quite a reputation for your live shows, is there a particular gig you’ve played that stands out as the best

I think Isle Of Wight was just amazing, I write songs for big stages and to take my tunes to that kind of event was amazing. That will live with me forever.

And, finally, what does 2017 have in store for The Phantoms?

Hopefully lots of successful and fun shows. Another single and hopefully this one will bring more hype to us.



New York’s NYC DJ/producer Lenny Fontana, presents dynamic diva duo The Starletts (best friends Miss Diamond and Wiveca) and their debut track called ‘On His Mind’.

Drag artist Miss Diamond and singer Wiveca, teamed up to give the nightlife a tasty dose of their classic house, disco and soulful vibes..."guaranteed to make you move."

"Our friendship off stage transposed into something electric on stage - reveals Miss Diamond (singer/songwriter Benji Adeyemo) - We knew we were onto something special and moments later The Starletts were born...There is never a dull moment, whether performing, backstage, in the studio or at rehearsals, it really is a laugh a minute, and that shows in our music and live performances. The Starletts are sisters for life and the journey has just begun.”

‘On His Mind’ is available from March 24.

Photos by Aggeliki Kokkove


Scottish alt-folk band ULTRAS aren’t your traditional three-piece band. Exploring elements of alternative rock, pop and traditional Scottish folk they have produced an album that is difficult to categorise.

This isn’t a bad thing. Far from it. Having taken inspiration from main man Gav Prentice’s love of hip-hop mixtapes, ULTRAS worked with six different producers, including Miaoux Miaoux’s Julian Corrie, creating an undulating, diverse sound that must be listened to in its entirety in order to be fully appreciated.

‘Team Handed’ is the most recent single to be taken from their self-titled album and is another example of the range the band has to offer; a forlorn, emotional effort that pulls at the heartstrings, building layer upon layer, before drifting peacefully away into the distance.

‘Team Handed’ by ULTRAS, is out now and is taken from the self-titled album due for release on 28th April, via Hello Thor Records and Instinctive Racoon.

ICYMI here's their previous single ’This IS Where I Fall’.


London based duo Girlhood - Christian Pinchbeck and Tessa Cavanna - share their soulfully sleek, modern R&B pearl, called ‘Say It’, which is out now via Team Talk Records.

The duo explain: "Some of us pretend to be bulletproof, to keep smiling through the daily grind. This is an anthem for all of us to break free and celebrate the wonder of human hearts and minds. Nothing's too precious: it's all choices...Hold it close to your heart."



Glaswegian six-piece band Pronto Mama, release of their smart and convincing debut album 'Any Joy', on 5th May via Electric Honey. The album is a collection of songs about hope and hopelessness, vice and virtue and how love and friendship go hand in hand with hate and jealousy. To get a taste of their forthcoming album, here's a pure gem called 'Arabesque'.

Hi Pronto Mama, how are you today?

Hello FM, I’ve been looking for you. I’m sound aye just pottering about the house the now waiting on a sausage supper. A Liverpudlian sailor attacked me last night because I had too much patter for him and I had to welcome him to Glasgow. However, he broke my glasses which is an absolute pain in the arse. Apart from that I’m okay.

Please introduce yourself and let us know what you play.

My name is Marc Rooney and I was born in the Rotten Row maternity hospital in Glasgow. I’ve always thought that was a tremendous name for a hospital in which babies are born. Start as ye mean to go on. I play the guitar and write the songs for Pronto Mama, I also sing the songs I write for Pronto Mama.

Tell us what your new album ‘Any Joy’ is all about?

'Any Joy' is a collection of songs about hope and hopelessness. Vice and virtue. The duality that has been present in Scottish cultural art since James Hogg and Stevensons’ Jeykll and Hyde. It is an album about love and friendship hand in hand with hate and jealousy.

Growing up, was music always your main passion?

Aye, there was a time growing up when music was the only thing that mattered to me. That and hash. I used to think Bob Dylan smoked a lot of hash and that’s why he was so good. Little did I know that he was full of amphetamine so I wasn’t so cool after all. Drugs are tricky to get right. Glasgow. Celtic.

If you could write music in any other genre, what kind of artist would you want to become?

I don’t write music in a genre I just write music. But alright, Mariachi or Cabaret.

If you could date any artist, current or not, who would that be and why?

Alicia Keys. If you don’t know why I can’t explain it to you.

Describe your sound in 3 words

Gin and Tonic

Now describe your look in 2.

Afternoon Gentleman

Describe your attitude in 1.


Finally what can we expect from Pronto Mama in 2017?

You can expect one of the best albums that’s came out of Glasgow in a long time cos that’s what you’re going to get. Deacon Blue are reforming.




Australian exciting young artist Gretta Ray, displays the knack for exquisitely mature and engaging songwriting with her brand new single 'Drive', which was co-produced with Nashville based Australian Josh Barber (Goyte, Archie Roach) and award winning composer Jonathan Dreyfus.


UK singer/songwriter McGoozer (Paul McGee) premieres two stunning acoustic sessions recorded exclusively for FM. One is, his anthemic-pop sunshine, debut single ‘One and Only Girl’, the other one is a sparkling cover of Stevie Wonder’s classic tune ‘Superstition’

McGoozer’s debut single, ‘One and Only Girl’ is what happens when "you whip up a cocktail of the most idyllic paradise imaginable with a heart melting voice, a ukulele and a generous slice of joy..." A song about anyone who means the world to you – sister, mum, wife, girlfriend, daughter – this is for them.

The charming Glaswegian, toured relentlessly with The Blues Brothers and Mike & the Mechanics, which included being the opening act for Phil Collins on his world tour.

‘One And Only Girl’ will be released on March 24 VIA Right Track Records

Live Dates:
20 April: The Bedford, Balham: Full band line-up


London producer Dan Clarke delivers another darkly cinematic electro pearl, with Zaflo’s new track entitled ‘Sincerity’ (feat. Gilan & Lefty). The new tune comes with an aptly nocturnal and softly unsettling video, filmed in Zaflon’s neighborhood of Kingston. London producer Dan Clarke delivers another darkly cinematic electro pearl, with Zaflo’s new track entitled ‘Sincerity’ (feat. Gilan & Lefty). The new tune comes with an aptly nocturnal and softly unsettling video, filmed in Zaflon’s neighborhood of Kingston.

On his approach to music, Zaflon said: “Everything I do has to maintain that rebel instinct, it’s what keeps the beast alive”

On his early age’s experience with music, he revealed: “When I was a kid, my dad took me to this guy’s studio who was making film soundtracks. He was using racks of samplers and a big automated desk to create the sound of an orchestra. It was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. Ten years later I’d be using the same studio to record Royce Wood Junior and Jamie Woon.”

'Sincerity' continues Zaflon's project to release a track every month in 2017. ICYMI here's January's track 'The Age Of Spring'.


"We lost some legends last year, I’m tryna be the replacement", says London rapper and producer King Kay, while he drops his impressive jazz-esque rap mixtape, called 'Winner’s Winter'.

Speaking of the stylish mixtape - featuring smooth production from J Louis and a guest appearance from fast-rising UK rapper Knucks - King Kay explains: "This project blends different genres, from hip hop to soul and smooth jazz, to serve as a soundtrack to my winter. I’m using this project as a medium to offload the several challenges I’ve faced in recent winters, ranging from relationship issues explored on ‘Stay’, to the racial and social issues explored on ‘Dstrkt’".



Following the release of their female empowerment pop punk anthem ‘Cocaine Girls’, PSSY PWR - the "unpolished and unapologetic" project by Juno-Award winning singer/songwriter Anjulie and Miley Cyrus’ producer Oren Yoel - return with 'Rodeo', another catchy, fiercely raw and wonderfully bold number...

ICYMI here's ‘Cocaine Girls’.


Sailing Stones - the fascinating project by Irish songstress Jenny Lindfors - shares her first single called ‘The Blazing Sun’, a taste of her intimate, modern meets sentimental soundscape. "A sad song about the loss of a loved one..."

Citing Wim Wenders’ cinematic masterpiece ‘Paris, Texas’, as her major inspiration, Jenny says...“I became obsessed with the Yamaha CS-80 synth, it reminded me of long drives in my father’s car as a kid… I got hooked on those sounds.”


Somber, brooding and cathartic are just some words to depict the smartly catchy, epic Rock/Pop music, created by Nottingham based The Barnum Meserve, Leon Wiley (piano and vocals), Dylan Griffiths (bass guitar), and Paul Moss-Pearce (drums). Their stunning ten track album 'When All Is Lost', is due for release on 21st April via 34D Records.

Hi The Barnum Meserve, how are you today?

We’re great cheers, looking forward to sharing When All Is Lost with everyone finally.

What’s ‘When All Is Lost' all about?

There’s definitely quite a few themes throughout the album. Some dealing with loss of family members and broken relationships, other themes are definitely a lot more optimist. I wouldn’t want to give them impression to people that the album is super depressing, it’s pretty ferocious and loud in places. It’s also pretty different from our debut album. We definitely took the approach to the more ‘to the point’ on When All Is Lost. In some sense it’s more focused that the first but still retains some of the vibes of the first album.

Growing up, was music always your main passion?

Absolutely. We all grew up around music and some of us studied music at college and university. Besides us all living relatively normal lives with jobs etc. we’ve all been in various different bands since we we’re teenagers. This band is definitely an accumulation of us all wanting to do something different that specifically sounded different.

If individually, you could play in any other band, who would that be and why?

Coldplay, they’re rich and get to play in stadiums every night right? only kidding. We’re not sure to be honest, we’re all massive fans of Nine Inch Nails so I guess that would be a pretty sweet deal. At times we’ve read that Trent Reznor is at times difficult to work with so we’d all probably only last one show before being given the boot and kicked off the tour bus. I guess learning other peoples songs can suck. We definitely couldn't be a covers band.

What is your best live experience to date?

A few years back we played two shows in one day. We had an early slot at Dot To Dot festival which was an awesome show. Even though it was early doors, loads of people turned up to check us out which was awesome. Once we finished that show we drove down to Winchester which is one of our favourite places to play, the crowd there are always super nice and appreciative that we’ve driven all day to play for them. But the time we played Winchester we we’re pretty on fire and sounded great. It was definitely one of those moments where things fit in to place and you feel like you can’t do any wrong, we we’re tight and the crowd really got us into the moment so to speak.

Describe your sound in 5 words.

Dramatic, Cinematic, Memorable, Different and I guess Epic. That word usually gets thrown around a lot when describing our music but at the same time it’s nice people think that.

Now describe your attitude in 1.


Finally what can we expect from The Barnum Meserve in 2017?

The top priority right now is the release of our album When All Is Lost. We’ve made some great video’s with a very talented friend to accompany a few of the songs off the album. We’ll be playing shows over the UK after the release of the album also. After we release When All Is Lost we’re heading back into the studio to record our 3rd album. It’s almost completely written we just need to go back and start working what makes the cut so to speak.




Leeds indie rockers The Dangerhounds - Brad Moorcroft (bass), Tris Ellis (drums), Adam Hume (guitar/vocals), Obi Davis (guitar) - will be playing live dates in support of their new single 'Nobody Gets Hurt', including a launch show at The Library in Leeds on 17th March. The new track is a sparkling display of their ability to deliver feching indie pop gems.

Produced by Ed Heaton, their new sound "builds on the punch and swagger of their earlier recordings and offersmore examples of their high-octane, pop-punk thrills..."

Photos by Martyn Butler


Edinburgh-based artist Mt. Doubt aka Leo Bargery, has teamed up with Dunfermline rockers Foreignfox for the release of AA-side single 'Tourists' / 'Lights Off, Carry Me Home', out on 31st March via Scottish Fiction. 'Tourists' is about Bargery’s fear of flying and centres around a general dislike for air-travel, airports, planes and holidays...

Hi Mt. Doubt! How are you today?

Hello! I’m definitely upwards of okay… Just sitting listening to Grandaddy’s record ‘Under the Western Freeway’, which is amazing!

Tell us about your new single ‘Tourists’?

‘Tourists’ is essentially a light-hearted, punchy pop song, which is a bit of a departure from our usual sound. I’m not much of a lover of air-travel or being out-with walking distance from my house so I’ve never really holidayed much. There is a bit of a trend to travel the world and ‘find yourself’, so I suppose ‘Tourists’ is just a song for people who are more than happy to ‘find themselves’ in their bedrooms.

How did the collaboration with Foreignfox occur?

I’ve been aware of Foreignfox for quite a while and have always really liked the music they put out, we were fortunate enough to share a stage with them at a few festivals back in 2016 and met them through playing those shows. We (Mt. Doubt) release our music through Scottish Fiction Records who had also been speaking to Foreignfox about doing some releases. The timing all worked out and we just thought it would be a fun idea to put out a single together! They’re a colossal live band!

What’s the music scene like in Edinburgh at the moment?

It’s brilliant, there are loads of great bands doing interesting stuff and there is a real sense that it’s all very mutually supportive which is great. Bands like Acrylic, Redolent, Skjor, Bronston are all amazing…The list could go on, extensively!

If you could perform with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

That’s a tough one; I love Morrissey so that would be pretty amazing, though I’m not sure if that could be a bit of a don’t-meet-your-heroes encounter! It would be really cool to collaborate with Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, he seems like he’d be a fun guy to be around and his production is always exceptional! That said,

I’m a closet Lady Gaga fan… so who knows!

Where has been your favourite place to perform?

Performing at T in the Park was probably the highlight; just walking onto such a big stage with such a great history in front of a big crowd was surreal! I’d also give a special mention to The Hug ‘N’ Pint in Glasgow which is a really nice wee venue that has always been a lot of fun to play at, it gets pretty sweaty.

What are your plans for the rest of 2017?

Post-‘Tourists’, we will have a lot more music coming out which I’m very excited about. In terms of regular releases this will be our busiest year yet which is going to be a lot of fun! We’re also planning a lot of shows and hoping to be touring a couple of times too…

Live Dates:
Friday 7th April - Beat Generator - Dundee
Saturday 8th April - Nice ‘N’ Sleazy’s - Glasgow