Bellatrix returns with ‘After More’

Following the release of previous gems ‘Still Lookin For’ and ‘Be Your Bitch’, intriguing and smart artist Bellatrix, delivers ‘After More’, another slice of her complex and hypnotically exotic, futuristic soundscape, all co-produced with Exmoor Emperor and mixed by Dillip Harris.

Bel explains: “Kind of like my first single, ‘Still Looking For’, this is another track about reconnecting with the wild and the mystical, and how things that were once natural to humankind have become abstract and forgotten as the modern world forces us into numbness. It’s about searching, surrender, and the cyclic nature of the feminine.”

On ‘Be Your Bitch’ the jazz double-bass player, says: “The track is the beginning of an enquiry into how our culture perceives women. There’s a lot more to be said, but this is the start of me unpicking the tangles in my brain.”