AVA LUNA3Brooklyn funk-rockers Ava Luna share ‘Sears Roebuck M&Ms’, from their new album ‘Electric Balloon’, which is out March 10th via Western Vinyl.

As the band repeat “the new sweet thing”…the track is a slice of their unique blend of doo-wop soul, no wave, and art-pop.

Here’s another gem from the album…’Daydream’.

‘Electric Balloon’ was recorded by Carlos Hernandez and Julian Fader, both of whom, apart from being in Ava Luna, have gained further recognition as go-to recording engineers within the Brooklyn music community.

The songs that would become ‘Electric Balloon’ were “a family effort” according to front-man Carlos Hernandez…”it was a birth of confidence. I grew closer to my bandmates, began to see the roles of a family playing out. Ethan cooks dinner for all of us, we make lewd jokes, and then ‘after-dinner storytelling’ takes the form of playing music.”AVA LUNA4Hernandez continues “…the stories and moments here are clearer, as in a conversation. The moment appears, you grab it with your hands, screw the lid on the mason jar.

There was no tweaking, no second-guessing. Julian’s mantra for the process: ‘First thought best thought.’…And for my part, I sing my best about encounters, friendships, some moments beautiful and others painful. A bike shop manager in New Orleans, a derelict porch on Brighton Beach, a yellow sweater in a kitchen in the Catskills, a water duct in the New Mexico desert…”

Ava Luna live dates:
22nd Ubu, Rennes FR
24th I Boat, Bordeaux FR
25th Aéronef Belle sortie, Wicres FR
28th Birthdays, London UK
29th Espace B, Paris FR

1st Muziek o-droom, Hasselt BE
2nd Grüner Salon, Berlin DE
3rd Beatpol, Dresden DE


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