Karen-Hassan1AS we prepare to ring in the new year most people will be dreaming up yet another New Year’s Resolution which they will probably break.

And our celebrities are no different, we caught up with some of Northern Ireland’s best known faces to find out their 2013 highlights and look to the year ahead.

Actress and former Hollyoaks star KAREN HASSAN revealed her highlight of 2013 was getting the news she is to become an aunt again.

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions Karen is one of the few who make them and keep them.KAREN HASSAN1.00She revealed: “I always make New Years resolutions. Mostly they relate to work, what I’m wanting to achieve that year. I do tend to fulfil it, it spurs me on.

“This year I’m making a New Years resolution to do more writing. I love it. I’m in the middle of writing a few scripts for tv and short films and I’m determined to finish them.”

Westend star and singer NIAMH PERRY is hoping 2014 will bring her more time with her boyfriend musician and producer Matt Weir.

She said: “I want to be happy, positive and see what life throws at me in 2014.

Niamh with boyfriend Matt Weir

Niamh with boyfriend Matt Weir

“I’m hopeful that I’ll get to gig a bit more with my own music but it’s all dependent on what comes next.

“My boyfriend tours a lot with his job and I’ve been working in the north of England for four months of this year so it would be cool for us to both be settled in London for a bit.

“You’ve gotta go where the work is though.”

BBC presenter RALPH MCLEAN hopes to recreate his best moment of 2013 where he seen Bruce Springsteen twice in concern in Belfast and Kilkenny.RALPH MCLEAN1He said: “Bruce was on amazing form, t was an honour to be there.”

And when it comes to resolutions he’s trying two to be in with a chance of keeping one.

Ralph explained: “My resolution is to de-cluttler the house. I’m a desperate hoarder of cds and books..it has to end and if that doesn’t work I want to learn the Banjo. Seriously! I’ve got guitars and mandolins so it’s Deliverance time for me.

“Although if I’m honest I usually forget resolutions by about lunchtime on the 1st. Life’s too short.”

Actress and former Hollyoaks star BRONAGH WAUGH who will be appearing on BBC’s Monumental in January said her highlight of 2013 was getting some rest after leaving Hollyoaks.bronagh-waughShe said: “I think probably getting to go out to British Columbia in Canada and spend some time with my family out there was my highlight. I needed a break after Hollyoaks and went and lived on my family’s farm for three months helping out. I absolutely loved it – it felt like rehab for the soul.”

And when it comes to 2014 Bronagh is being realistic about her resolutions.

“I don’t really make – or keep – New Year’s Resolutions. I always think it leaves you feeling a bit deflated if you don’t stick to it so I just kind of bypass that whole thing.

“Life is meant for living and if you’re making poor decisions for yourself you should try and change them straight away rather than make a specific date and deadline.

“Like good ole’ Jerry Springer said “Be good to yourself… and others” … the rest will all fall into place.”

Belfast glamour model LAURA LACOLE revealed her head is still in the clouds after her experiences in 2013.LAURA LACOLEShe revealed: “For me the highlights of 2013 were definitely being invited to Space Expedition Corporation headquarters in Holland for a meeting with them regarding the potential of them taking me to space and getting together with fellow members of the Irish Astronomical Association to observe Saturn on the Day the Earth Smiled.

“Prof Carolyn Porco, head of imaging of the Cassini mission even said she would look for me in the pictures spacecraft Cassini took of earth from Saturn’s orbit. Which isn’t possible, but it still made my year.”

And in 2014 it’s all about entrepreneurial business for Laura who’s starting her own company.

She added: “My New Year’s Resolution is just to knuckle down and make stuff happen. I’m starting a company on my own so I’ve done a lot of work and there’s still a lot of work still to be done. I’ve got big aspirations so my new years resolution is to work harder than last year.

“Thing is I can’t even remember any previous ones which shows you how long they lasted. Usually it’s something along the lines of exercise regularly, but I’m ashamed to say that most of the time I hate exercise so rarely do it.”

Northern Ireland’s best loved tribute to Dolly Parton, DONNA FLEMING notched up her highlights of 2013 by singing as Dolly on a sea-cruiser in the middle of of the Mediterranean ocean of the coast of Peurto Banus, Marbella.DonnaFlemingAsDollyShe added: “Also all my theatre shows got standing ovations, no better compliment.”

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions Donna has made hers to help others.

“In 2014 I would like to do one kind act without reward at least once every month.”

Lead singer with The Defects punk band BUCK MURDOCK is hopeful for change in 2014. He said: “Never mind a New Year’s Resolution, I want a New Year’s Revolution.”The Defects2Meanwhile fellow punk owner of Good Vibrations Record Shop and The Godfather of Punk TERRI HOOLEY confirmed the highlight of his 2013 was the release of the Good Vibrations movie about the story of his life but said looking forwaard to 2014: “I want to grow old gracefully instead of disgracefully.”TERRI HOOLEY9Queen of Irish country music SUSAN MCCANN said her highlight of 2013 was a concert in her own home town.
Susan McCann
She added: “Recording the Opry an Luir concert in Newry Town Hall was something special. I was so nervous before it, but on the night I was so relaxed and really enjoyed doing the show.”

And when it comes to resolutions she’s hoping to build upon an achievement she’s already made.

Susan explained: “After a lifetime of smoking I stopped three months ago – I suppose my resolution would be to re-double my will power. Smoking has always been on the agenda but this time I’ve got a head start.”

Belfast model and presenter KATIE LARMOUR is following previous years resolutions and keeping it simple this year.KATIE LARMOURShe revealed: “I don’t have a New Year’s Resolution and believe it or not I’ve never had any.”

ROBIN ELLIOTT, presenter on The Q Network said: “In 2014 I’m making it my resolution to get back in the recording studio with Phil Dixon and the rock band The Almighty Fallen to do a full album.”

Author of the recently released book Legacy JAYNE OLORUNDA said: “My New Year’s Resolution is to stop smoking. I say it every year but this year I mean it.”

U105 Breakfast Show host MAURICE JAY said that by far his highlights of the year were the achievements of his sons Riley and Evan.

He added: “Wee Riley started school this year and got a great first term report, and Evan got his second belt in Jiu Jitsu recently.”

And looking forward to 2014 Maurice said: “I made a resolution about 15 years ago to stop making resolutions and I’ve have stuck to that one. So this year I have no New Year’s Resolution because there’s just no point, they don’t last long.”

By Tina Calder ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk

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