Tempers1New York’s electro/post-punk up and comers Tempers – Jasmine Golestaneh and Eddie Cooper – share this stunningly dark remix of their single ‘Hell Hotline’ by bEEdEEgEE (Brian DeGraw of Gang Gang Dance).

Jasmine, born in Florida, is of Latvian-Iranian descent, and grew up in Paris and London before moving to New York. She has recorded and performed as musician for most of her life and her visual art, primarily collage, has been shown in galleries throughout New York. Eddie is a NYC native who spent years in Berlin, where he released records on electronic labels like !K7 and Eskimo. Tempers2
Wed 20.11.13 Nijdrop, Opwijk, Belgium. w/ERAAS
Thu 21.11.13 Charlatan, Gent, Belgium. w/ERAAS
Fri 22.11.13 The Exchange, Bristol, UK. w/ERAAS
Sat 23.11.13Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK.
Sun 24.11.13 Old Blue Last, London, UK.
Mon 25.11.13 Tsunami, Cologne, Germany.
Tue 26.11.13 Kantine, Berlin, Germany.
Wed 27.11.13 Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Thu 28.11.13 Turmzimmer, Hamburg, Germany.
Fri 29.11.13 Feierwerk, Münich, Germany.
Sat 30.11.13 Weltecho, Chemnitz, Germany.
Sun 01.12.13 Forum, Mannheim, Germany. w/Daughn Gibson
Tue 03.12.13 Lofi Club, Milano, Italy. w/Jarboe
Wed 04.12.13 L’espace B, Paris, France. w/Deadgaze
Thu 05.12.13 Patronaatcafé, Haarlem, The Netherlands


Top photo courtesy of V Magazine

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